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Dust Bunny or Life Bunny?

We are a society of addicted consumers. Each household a mini-machine earning our way to the next acquisition.

Take stock in your household. Look around for a few minutes. How much “stuff” do you have? The sort of useless “stuff” whose only purpose in life is to be dusted. Yeah, sure it’s pretty. But do we need it?

How about your home? How much square footage to you really use. Be brutally honest. Most people live in the kitchen, TV room and bedrooms.

If we unpeeled the need to buy “stuff,” what could we make room for?


Not existing. Experiencing life for the wondrous adventure it’s meant to be.

A few years ago, my teenage daughters and I agreed on a new Christmas tradition.  No presents. Not a single one. Our money would be used to travel together. To experience different cultures, taste unusual culinary delights, learn how other societies live, while romping through this extraordinary world we have been gifted.

Our only limitation would be budget. We’d go as far as our dollars allow. If that means visiting a new place only a few hundred miles from where we live—so be it. There’s plenty to discover in our homeland.

We’ve parasailed, zip lined, white water rafted, ridden horseback through the jungle, swam with dolphins, jet skied, and been to a Thai massage parlor.

We’ve been mystified by the Charles Bridge at midnight and serenaded by prayers streaming from the Blue Mosque whilst meandering the cobblestone streets of Istanbul. We’ve stuffed our faces with “street food”—crepes, fried cheese, dumplings and the best hot chocolate in the universe.

I live in much smaller house now, but I have a much, much bigger life.

When I breathe my last breath, my thoughts won’t linger on a vase or a car. I’ll leave this planet with enough living to last five lifetimes and be survived by daughters who will never forget each glorious moment we spent being globetrotting Life Bunnies.