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Eco-friendly Lifestyle

Are you living an eco-friendly lifestyle? Take our quiz below:

  1. I bring my own bags to the grocery store. 
  2. I actively try to reduce carbon emissions by riding a bike or walking more, using a hybrid car or taking the bus.
  3. I serve my family organic food. 
  4. I use household products with no chemicals. 
  5. I actively consume less water and electricity than before. 
  6. I recycle paper, cans, and glass. 
  7. I buy Made in America!  (More on this in my next article …)

If you are working on all seven of the above items you are an eco-angel! I’m lucky to live in Boulder, Colorado where the average person is thinking about many of the items below if not acting on them. But we need to spread the word far and wide to make changes that impact our world. Are you thinking one person can’t make an impact? Your actions big or small do make a big impact. The choices I make every day influence my kids, my friends and family and this tinkles down to impact others. 

If you scored four out of the seven above, choose one new item to work on next year! 

  • Most house-hold cleaners are toxic! Notice the warnings about swallowing; well what they don’t say is that these cleaning products off gas chemicals and poisons into our air that slowly weaken our body and immune system.  Have you switched to eco-friendly cleaners that are not toxic to you or the water supply they enter? A great article on indoor air quality and our environment can enlighten you to the harm chemicals do to our body over time.
  • Have you made steps to reduce your water consumption? Try looking into a tank less water heater which saves water and lowers your utility bill.
  • Do you have a toilet that constantly runs? Toilet leaks can waste up to 2 gallons of water per minute? That’s close to 7000 gallons of water in a month. I learned how to fix my running toilet in 15 minutes!

 Each year I try to review what new changes I can make to reduce my footprint on this earth.  Make next year a “greener year” one step at a time and before you know it you will have a much happier and healthier environment!