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Empower Meant

Promoting FEMININE FIERCENESS through entrepreneurial, creative, and artistic endeavors. As sisters, we often get lost in the sauce of life, and the daily grind(er) that comes along with it. Our essence, our unique individuality, the very meat, or core, or substance, of who we are often goes lacking, un-noticed, buried, and then forgotten.

Bless us, PLEASE! The world is waiting.

We’re waiting to see your god-given talent. We’re waiting to see how you BRING IT, like no other. Just as no two fingerprints are alike, no two gifts are the same. No one else on this planet, in this galaxy, has your gift, your special talent, your eye, your vision. Whether your dream is to become the President/CEO of a corporate firm, an entrepreneur, a singer/entertainer, a teacher, a master craftsman/artisan, a movie star or a domestic goddess … your mission is possible. Sista, the door is open ... walk through it and share your gift with the world. And if there is no door …