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11 Celebrities Who Just Can't Get Enough of the Spray Tan

Celebrities aren’t shy about living the good life. They brag about their 8-carat engagement rings, designer dresses, and gold-plated iPhones. But these celebs should really add one more expense to their monthly bill—a spray-tan consultant. Do they think they look good? Do they not know how to properly apply self-tanner? Are they color-blind? Check out these tan-happy celebs.

Christina Aguilera

1 / 11

When you sang about being a genie that wanted a good rubbing, I promptly went out and bought some hip-huggers. When you got Dirrty, I put on some assless chaps and pierced my nose. But this … I’m sorry, but I cannot follow you to this dark place. It’s just wrong. _Photo courtesy of PR Photos_

Lindsay Lohan

2 / 11

The crime here is not that Lindsay has morphed from an adorable freckled redhead into a completely generic blonde, which is not exactly a great idea if you’re looking to, you know, stand out in Hollywood. It’s not even the fact that as a freckled redhead, her being this color is Just.Not.Right and pale would look So.Much.Better. No, the real crime is that LiLo thought she looked so good that she started her own line of self-tanning products. It should come as a surprise to no one that they have not exactly sold well. _Photo courtesy of PR Photos_

Kim Kardashian

3 / 11

The fake tan is far from the only synthetic part of Kim Kardashian’s body. _Photo courtesy of PR Photos_

Tara Reid

4 / 11

Oh, Tara. How far you’ve fallen from those sweet and heady days of American Pie, back when having sex with baked goods was still quaint and you looked like a fresh-faced young starlet. Now the innocence is gone, and your world is all about nipple slips and your begging bouncers to let you into clubs. When you inevitably check into Celebrity Rehab, please promise us that self-tanner is the addiction you’ll kick. _Photo courtesy of PR Photos_

David Hasselhoff

5 / 11

If he had kept up this particular dermatological hue during his Knight Rider days, KITT would have told him that he wasn’t fooling anybody. But maybe fake tans are a big deal in Germany. _Photo courtesy of PR Photos_

Victoria Beckham

6 / 11

Personally, I think that if you’re going to cultivate the image of an edgy ice princess, pale is the way to go, but maybe Posh thinks that having a tan will make her look skinnier—because she obviously needs the help. _Photo courtesy of PR Photos_

Kristin Cavallari

7 / 11

When your life peaks at age nineteen after you star in an MTV reality show, sometimes you have to take drastic measures to keep yourself relevant and in the public eye. Assuming traffic-light skin colors definitely catches people’s attention. _Photo courtesy of PR Photos_

Bradley Cooper

8 / 11

“Studiously disheveled hair? Check! Tabloid-friendly relationship? Check! Hit movie franchise? Check! Unnatural tan? Check! I’m gonna be a big star!” _Photo courtesy of PR Photos_

Jennifer Aniston

9 / 11

We get it, Aniston. You are the ultimate relaxed, easygoing, free-spirited modern California beautiful beach woman. Your sun-kissed-ness makes us very jealous. But sometimes it looks like the sun didn’t stop at a few tender kisses—it often looks as if the sun ravaged you on hot parking lot asphalt. Considering you’re selling your house for eight figures, I think you can afford to pay someone to look into this. _Photo courtesy of PR Photos_

Aubrey O’Day

10 / 11

If you’re wondering who the hell Aubrey O’Day is, it may not help to tell you that she was in the girl band Danity Kane. Making the Band 3? Still not ringing a bell? Anyway, these days she’s most known for having her own show on the Oxygen network, making curious fashion choices, and often having skin the color of a basketball. Maybe she’s angling to be on the next season of Jersey Shore. Speaking of guidos … _Photo courtesy of PR Photos_

DJ Pauly DelVecchio

11 / 11

Although most of the employees of the Shore Store could have made this list, Pauly D takes the cake as the tanning-est member of that household. I didn’t realize that tanning was such a traditional Italian activity. _Photo courtesy of PR Photos_

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