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Australian Invasion: The Hottest New Aussie Actors

It's no secret that many of Hollywood's sexiest celebs are from down under—it must be something in the water. While established entertainers like Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman continue to thrive, this new wave of hot Australian actors is taking the United States by storm.

Brenton Thwaites

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Soon after his career launched on Australian TV, the fresh-faced Brenton Thwaites transitioned to popular Hollywood films such as Maleficent. His upcoming projects include Gods of Egypt and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.

Photo: JStone

Teresa Palmer

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Blonde bombshell Teresa Palmer, best known for the vampire comedy Warm Bodies, is one of the most in-demand young actors around, with no less than eight films in the works.

Photo: Helga Esteb

Callan McAuliffe

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A multi-talented entertainer, Callan McAuliffe was trained in musical theater, but he is best known to American audiences for the sci-fi adventure I Am Number Four and will next be seen in the crime thriller Hacker.

Photo: Helga Esteb

Margot Robbie

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Since her big break in American cinema with The Wolf of Wall Street, the gorgeous Margot Robbie has been on the fast track to stardom. Upcoming projects include Suicide Squad and The Legend of Tarzan.

Photo: Helga Esteb

James Frecheville

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Making a splash on both the big and small screens with shows like New Girl and the feature film The Drop, James Frecheville looks the part of a romantic lead with his chiseled good looks and soulful eyes.

Photo: Australians in Film/Corbis

Gemma Ward

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Supermodel/actor Gemma Ward radiates the kind of vulnerable sex appeal that audiences have always loved. Her movie credits are few but impressive, appearing in The Great Gatsby and Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

Photo: Denis Makarenko

Luke Mitchell

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The muscular and extremely good-looking Luke Mitchell went straight from romantic drama on the Australian show Home and Away to sci-fi series in the United States, including The Tomorrow People and, most recently, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Photo: Helga Esteb

Isabel Lucas

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The striking beauty of Australian-Swiss Isabel Lucas is reminiscent of European sex symbols from the 1960s, like iconic actress Brigitte Bardot. Lucas will appear next in Christian Bale's romantic drama Knight of Cups.

Photo: Tinseltown

Rhys Wakefield

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The boyishly handsome 27-year-old Rhys Wakefield is another promising young Aussie who got his break on the TV drama Home and Away. He has appeared in numerous American films including the Ethan Hawke thriller The Purge.

Photo: Helga Esteb

Phoebe Tonkin

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Sultry beauty Phoebe Tonkin made her mark on American audiences with the TV series The Vampire Diaries. An accomplished actor with a background in Shakespearean theater, Tonkin currently plays Hayley Marshall on the fantasy series The Originals.

Photo: Helga Esteb

Harrison Gilbertson

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Known in America for the 2014 action drama Need for Speed, the former child actor Harrison Gilbertson has grown into a 22-year-old hunk and just wrapped the film Fallen, based on Lauren Kate's bestselling novel.

Photo: Helga Esteb

Bella Heathcote

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Among the most exciting in this new crop of Australian actors is the lovely and talented Bella Heathcote, who gained fame in America with Dark Shadows and just completed the highly anticipated mash-up film Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

Photo: Joe Seer

Remy Hii

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With his partial Chinese-Malaysian heritage, Remy Hii has an attractive aesthetic that distinguish him from most of his peers. The actor/indie musician can currently be seen in the Netflix series Marco Polo.

Photo: Hoon Sohn/Press Line Photos/Corbis

Rebecca Breeds

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Married to fellow Australian hottie Luke Mitchell, the voluptuous natural beauty Rebecca Breeds has carved out an impressive career for herself as an international TV star. She currently plays Aurora de Martel on The Originals.

Photo: s_bukley

Jai Courtney

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The ruggedly handsome Jai Courtney leads the pack of hot young Aussie actors. Over just a few years, Courtney has made a name for himself, mostly thanks to his role in the Divergent franchise. He will next be seen as Captain Boomerang in Suicide Squad.

Photo: DFree

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