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Aww! Daisy Ridley Adorably Responds to One Fan's Formal Invitation

Daisy Ridley isn't going to the formal dance with this college dude, but she did the next best thing.

There are Star Wars fans and then there is Kevin Carlock who, on February 23rd, invited Rey herself—actress Daisy Ridley —to his college's athletic formal via YouTube. In the frattiest display of affection since TV's Greek, Carlock and his fellow Davidson College students serenade "Miss Ridley" in coordinated khakis and half-zip sweaters, rapping details about their school and the Star Wars leading lady.

"Like the Force in that lightsaber, I am calling to you. I think that you would enjoy Davidson much more than Jakku," Carlock sings. "So before you go to leave to be a Jedi with Luke, there's just one more simple question that I'm asking to you: Hey, Miss Ridley, come to formal with me."

Watch the entire invitation below:

While some celebs would ignore such invitations, especially when they're busy being the star of a wildly successful franchise, Ridley is not one of those celebs. She responded today with a handwritten note via Instagram, gently letting her super-fan and dance/rap accomplices down. Turns out Ridley is exactly where we left her at the conclusion of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.



@kevincarlock your video made my day! Can't believe I only just saw it! Thank you!!!

A photo posted by @daisyridley on


"Thank you so much for that brilliant invite to your formal," Ridley writes. "Unfortunately I'm locked in an intense staring contest with Luke Skywalker, somewhere in the middle of the galaxy so I won't be able to make it! Let me know how it goes!" She adorably signs off as both herself and her ass-kicking character Rey, ending the note with a kiss and a hug.

It looks like Kevin Carlock is still in need of a formal date, but he did receive an Instagram shoutout that would make the whole galaxy jealous. Any Star Wars fans looking for a dance partner? We know one that dances and sings.

Rachel Weeks

I'm originally from the Chicagoland area, but I recently moved from beautiful Des Moines, IA to the equally beautiful Denver, CO. I spend my days reading, binge-watching TV shows, performing and listening to comedy and, of course, writing.

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