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Celebrity Breakups We’re Still Upset About

With Heidi and Seal calling it quits and rumors swirling that Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale are headed down the same unfortunate path to Splitsville, we have to wonder, what is going on, Hollywood? Don’t these celebs know that we common folk project our hopes and dreams about relationships and true love onto them, and that when they call it quits, we feel it too? To mourn our losses, we’ve compiled a list of the seven star breakups that we just can’t get over—no matter how much Jamoca Almond Fudge we consume.

Heidi and Seal

1 / 7

When this powerhouse couple announced their separation in early 2012 after eight years of seemingly happy marriage, we were more than a little brokenhearted and began hitting the Ben & Jerry’s, hard. If we keep talking about this, we’ll have to retreat into hibernation to fend off the pain. _Photo source: PR Photos_

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore

2 / 7

Yes, this marriage seemed strange from the start, but over time it appeared to work. Not only was Demi and Ashton’s relationship proof that age is just a number, but it further proved that not all guys will leave their gorgeous, older wife for a younger, sluttier version. Until Ashton did just that. Although we say good riddance to the goofy _That 70’s Show_ star, we’re sad to see thick-skinned Demi get hurt, not to mention disgusted that a man who seemingly has everything still thinks with the wrong head. _Photo source: PR Photos_

Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds

3 / 7

Ryan Reynolds is the puppy dog of male celebrities. Yes, he’s extremely hot and very funny, but he also seems like the sweetest guy. So when Scarlett Johansson asked for a divorce so she could date Sean Penn, we were outraged and quite sad since they admittedly made a sweet couple. Their _Definitely, Maybe_ marriage turned into “absolutely not” and years later we’re still pining over their lost puppy love. _Photo source: "":

Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams

4 / 7

Although these two were never married, they should’ve been. Just like their characters in _The Notebook_, we keep waiting for them to realize they’re meant to be together. It was hard enough to deal with their breakup in the movie, but their real-life split hurts just as bad. _Photo source: "":

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston

5 / 7

This Hollywood breakup rocked the world and with good reason. Brad and Jen were the ideal couple: the beautiful, innocent girl next door pairs up with the ruggedly handsome good guy. But Brad had other things in mind, and his decision to leave Jen for Angie forced the world to forever choose sides. Team Jen, _all_ the way. _Photo source: "":

Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale?

6 / 7

We hope—for our sakes—that this is nothing but a silly, awful rumor. Because if it isn’t, we’ll be eating _two_ pints of Ben & Jerry’s a day. And with swimsuit season vastly approaching, we really don’t want that. _Photo source: PR Photos_

Katy Perry and Russell Brand

7 / 7

It’s no secret that Katy Perry and Russell Brand are both a little off their rockers (in a good way), but together they seemed to balance each other out. Unfortunately, the new year brought a change of heart, and they decided that “crazy in love” was just a nice way of saying “unhealthy relationship.” Still, we were sad to see them part since we enjoyed watching their zany infatuation unfold. _Photo source: PR Photos_ Related Stories: "Accessories That Do the Flirting for You": "What Your John Hughes Movie Crush Says About You": "Why Every Woman Should Go to a Strip Club":

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