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Emma Roberts is Becoming a Serious Actress Right Before Your Eyes

Making the move from child star to adult actress isn't always easy, but Hollywood-insider Emma Roberts seems to be making the transition beautifully.

Emma Roberts is Getting Serious

More in demand than ever, Emma Roberts seems to be handling both the transition from child star to adult actor and taking on more serious roles exceptionally well. She currently stars as the entertainingly villainous Chanel Oberlin in the hit series Scream Queens and is working on some very edgy features, like the provocative drama Billionaire Boys Club. Here's how Emma Roberts is getting serious.

Emma Roberts

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It's About the Material: For Roberts, the material is key to whether or not a project interests her, which makes sense considering how many emotionally compelling films she's done lately. The actress told Teen Vogue, "I love to read, so when I see something that gets me excited, I don't care if it's big or small, I want to be a part of it."

Emma Roberts

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An Eclectic Mix of Projects: It's important for a serious actress to show her range, and Roberts isn't wasting any time. The 25-year-old has already demonstrated her versatility, moving from family comedy like 2007's Nancy Drew to the edgy dramedy Adult World, to irreverent the comedy We're the Millers and popular TV series thrillers like Scream Queens.

Emma Roberts

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Interested in Other Aspects of Filmmaking: She's always been a natural performer, but Roberts is also interested in working behind the camera someday, telling Allure, "I would love to produce and maybe write." Behind the scenes, involvement typically helps actors to be taken more seriously as artists and can enhance their performance. Hopefully, she won't quit acting altogether.

Emma Roberts

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Brave Character Choices: Unlike many of her fellow actors, she isn't too worried about being likable on screen. Earlier in her career, after playing a number of nice, normal parts, a 16-year-old Roberts was eager to dig into a mean girl role. Now her wish has come true, portraying evil sorority girl, Chanel, in Screen Queens, probably her most interesting character yet.

Emma Roberts


She's Real: Last year the actress did an Aerie Real campaign featuring an un-retouched photo shoot in loungewear and lingerie. Her younger sister's feelings of insecurity while viewing pictures on social media actually prompted the shoot. Roberts explained to US Weekly: "People post photos that aren't real. So to be able to be like, 'This is me as Emma, not Emma Roberts,' was important to me."

Emma Roberts

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Exciting Films in the Works: Get ready for some of Emma's most exciting and complex film projects to date. Later this year she will play Sidney, love interest of financial genius-turned-murderer Joe Hunt (Ansel Elgort), in the big screen adaptation of Billionaire Boys Club. This September, Roberts will star in the psychological thriller Nerve, based on Jeanne Ryan's novel about a high school senior who gets caught up in an online game of truth or dare and is subsequently manipulated by a community of "watchers."

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