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Sandra Bullock Shares The Surprising Reason She Decided to Adopt Daughter, Laila

So cute! Sandra Bullock finally opens up about the adoption of her 3-year-old daughter, Laila. Turns out, it was her young son, Louis, who kicked off the conversation about adding another child to their family. 

Sandra Bullock, 51, wasn’t thinking about adopting another child until her son, Louis, 5, professed his longing for a sibling about three years ago, she explains in the Dec. 14, 2015 edition of People.

"Louis spearheaded this whole journey," Bullock says.

The Gravity actress was at dinner with friends when Louis made a startling announcement when the topic of children came up.

"He puts his hands behind his head and leans back and says, 'I don’t have daughters,'" Bullock says. "And we agreed as well that he didn’t have daughters, and then he said, 'but I’m gonna have a baby soon. I don’t know its name yet, but it’s coming.'"

Bullock admits that Louis, whom she adopted in 2010, seems to know more than she gives him credit for.

"I think he was ready for (Laila) before she even arrived," she says.

Bullock, on the other hand, hadn’t been planning to adopt another child, but Louis got her thinking about the special bond she has with her younger sister, Gesine Bullock-Prado. Bullock began taking classes to become a foster parent, and eventually Laila came to live with her and Louis.

We love this sweet story! Check out these 26 other celebs who have also chosen adoption. 

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