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Zac Efron Hit the Beach for the "Baywatch" Reboot, Literally

And, of course, the internet went Photoshop crazy.

The 2017 Baywatch reboot—much like its predecessor—is all about bouncing cleavage and rippling pectorals, but apparently they're still working on balance.

Yesterday, rippling pectorals himself, Zac Efron, posted a picture of himself tumbling face first into the sand. And it's perfect.

I mean, look at The Rock's face. Look at Efron's hair. Look at Kelly Rohrbach's confused concern. Have you seen a more perfect picture? We certainly hadn't... until the Photoshop Battles subreddit got ahold of it. Pretty soon, Efron was being tripped, breakdancing, and even exploding into oblivion. 







Rachel Weeks

I'm originally from the Chicagoland area, but I recently moved from beautiful Des Moines, IA to the equally beautiful Denver, CO. I spend my days reading, binge-watching TV shows, performing and listening to comedy and, of course, writing.

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