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Lorde's Uber Driver Can't Wait to Tell Her About Famous Passengers Who Aren't Lorde

The Kiwi singer caught a ride from a driver who was really excited about his "celebrity passenger."

On Tuesday, July 26, Lorde hopped on Twitter to tell her 4.3 million followers about her Uber ride. It seems that the Kiwi singer/songwriter found herself getting a ride from a guy who was REALLY excited about his celebrity passenger...and he couldn't wait to tell her all about it.

The Royals singer didn't reveal who the previous celebrity fare was, but it is clear from her nonplussed follow-up tweets that the driver either didn't recognize her, or just didn't care that the person to whom he bragging about his celebrity rider has sold 17 million albums.

Lorde used the time for a bit of existential reflection, as might any of us when suddenly faced with our own cosmic imbalance, and even managed to wax a little poetic about her situation, presumably as her driver continued to regale her with stories of famous people who have sat in his car.

On one hand, it can be hard to muster up much sympathy for her. She is after all, lovely, successful, talented and besties with T-Swift. But on the other hand, we've all been there, haven't we? Carrying on a forced, semi-coherent quasi-conversation with someone who clearly would rather be with someone else. We feel you, Lorde.


Chad Taylor

Chad Taylor is a freelance writer based out of Des Moines. He spends his days writing about music, movies, sports and pop culture.

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