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10 Hilarious '90s White Elephant Gifts You Can Find On Amazon

These hilariously nostalgic '90s gift ideas are perfect for your upcoming white elephant events.

As the weather cools down, the holiday season heats up. We all know what that means: Eggnog, cookies, and holiday parties galore. Between work, friend and family gatherings, nailing that perfectly funny white elephant gift can be a struggle (because we know you'll be obliged to give at least one!). Avoid the hustle and bustle of the stores for this one and leave it to us. We've compiled a list of ten '90s white elephant gifts you can find right on Amazon for your next party. Equal parts hilarious and nostalgic, these gems will make you the ultimate gift-giver this season.

As If! Spoon

1. As If! Clueless Spoon, $16
As our favorite valley girl Cher Horowitz said, "As if!" This stamped novelty item has just the right amount of sass for the "Clueless" lover in your life. The ink is non-toxic, making it safe for every day use.

NSYNC Puzzle

2. NSYNC Puzzles In Motion, $40.99
NSYNC song clips and music videos are chopped into squares, and it's up to your former fangirls (and fanboys!) to test their memory and knowledge to put them back together. Available for both PC and Mac, this fun CD Rom is as challenging as it is nostalgic. (For more fangirl gift ideas, see 16 Gifts To Give The Fan Girl In Your Life)

Friends Calendar

3. Friends 2017 Calendar, $10.84
The best way to show your friends you care is with Friends-themed everything. Particularly, this official Friends 18-month calendar. That way, their favorite characters will be with them during every plan, event, and step of 2017.

Space Jam

4. Space Jam Blue-ray and Trading Cards, $23.95
What can possibly be better than Space Jam on Blue-ray? Space Jam on Blue-ray with trading cards, obviously. We're pretty sure Michael Jordan once said his greatest accomplishment was this movie, and we wouldn't deny that for a second. You'll be the most slammin' and jammin' gift-giver with this gem.


No Scrubs

5. No Scrubs T-Shirt, $24.99
There's no doubt that TLC had one of the most female-empowering hits of the '90s. Their signature line, "I don't want no scrubs" is a girl squad classic to this day. This fun, floral tee comes in various colors as well as men's and women's sizes, making it the perfect snatch for the next white elephant party.

Titanic Inflatable Pool Toy

6. Titanic Inflatable Pool Toy, $11.99
It's never too early to start stocking up on new items for the summer months. Titanic fans and Leo DiCaprio lovers will enjoy this inflatable replica of the iconic cruise ship.

Fresh Prince Socks

7. Fresh Prince of Bel Air Socks, $14.95
Will Smith may have moved on from Fresh Prince long ago, but the iconic character is still very much a part of pop culture. Plan a white elephant party and have some fun pawning off these Fresh Prince gems. (Want more '90s nostalgia? (See How To Get The Looks From The Most Iconic '90s Movies)

Lisa Frank Coloring Books

8. Lisa Frank Adult Coloring Book, $10.04
Remember the colors and vibrancy of Lisa Frank we obsessed over in our childhood? Relive it all over again with a grown-up twist: a Lisa Frank adult coloring book. It's the perfect way to de-stress during the holiday season.

Backstreet Boys Puzzle

9. Backstreet Boys Poster Puzzle, $44.97
Backstreet's back, all right—in the form of this epic, 300-piece poster puzzle. Make a fangirl's season by supplying her the gift of her favorite '90s boy band at this year's white elephant gathering.

Spice Girls sweatshirt

10. Spice Girls Sweatshirt, $33.97-$37.97
Owning this sweatshirt is definitive proof that you are the long-lost sixth member of the Spice Girls crew—Pumpkin Spice. Spice up somebody's life and gift this hilarious and comfy crew neck sweatshirt, available in various colors.

Giuliana LaMantia

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