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11 Diabolical April Fool's Day Pranks to Play on Your Roommate

You love your roommate—well, sometimes. From late night chats about life to sharing domestic duties, you can't say you haven't bonded. And what better way to show you care then by including them in your April Fool's Day pranks and shenanigans?

April Fool's Day jokes might feel harder to pull off in the adult world (not to mention a little played-out), but trust us — these 11 pranks are straight up diabolical. So be a little immature and give one of these pranks a try. But be warned, if you start a war, you best be able to finish it.

1. Attention: Spider!
If your roomie is scared of creepy crawlers, place a cup upside down and write "Don't open unless you want to kill it." Nothing sucks more than knowing (or assuming) a gross insect is lurking nearby*shudders* If you want to redeem yourself and reward your roommate for bravery, you could leave their favorite candy under the cup.

2. Quick Shower
Soak your roomie with this brilliant shower prank. Using clear tape, secure the shower tab up and then turn the shower head toward the outside of the shower. When they turn it on--surprise! You could also do the tried-and-true kitchen prank by placing a rubber band over the water spritzer by the sink.

3. Crafty Bookmark
This April Fool's prank from is for the studious roomie, or one who has been known to help themselves to your spare change. Cut the edge off of a one dollar bill (or a larger amount depending on your dedication) and tape it to a passive-agressive note (we love this one Cube Breaker used). Lastly, put it inside a book you know they'll pick up and watch as they get excited about finding money.

4. Donut-Veggie Box
For this prank, bring home a donut box and fill it with veggies, or any foods your roomie doesn't like. Leave the box on the counter and wait. This is also great if you're tired of them stealing your treats.

5. Candy Bowl
This prank from an Imgur user might be the most evil of all. That being said, it's also the easiest. Mix Skittles, Reese's Pieces and M&M's in a bowl and set it on the counter. Mmmmm... Their taste buds won't know what hit them.

6. Glitter Room
Don't get me wrong, there's a time and place for glitter, but not in your apartment; unless you want to pull the world's most vicious April Fool's prank. Simply place glitter on your roommate's fan and wait for them to turn it on. Voila! It's a snow globe!

7. Brown-E's
If you love a good pun (who doesn't?) this prank from Raining Hot Coupons is perfect. Brown paper, scissors, a baking pan and tin foil are all you need for this half-baked prank. To really mess with them, actually bake brownies the night before, then hide them and leave these on the counter.

8. Have a Seat
Turn your friend's chair into a loud, obnoxious death trap by taping an air horn underneath. Sure this prank is an oldie, but hey, we don't knock the classics — especially when they send people flying out of the room.

9. Minty Snack
This one from ViralNova makes us cringe. We love Oreos and if your roommate does too, mess with them by replacing the filling with toothpaste. But be warned, this is definitely a trick that calls for payback.

10. Soda Flip
If your roomie enjoys their soda, this prank from The Huffington Post is for you. Grab their can, turn the tab around and watch them attempt to open it. It's so simple and sneaky it's sure to leave them confused. If you want to really commit, change all the sodas in the fridge so they can't simply grab a new one.

11. Balloon Cake
Ah, the balloon cake; this prank from BuzzFeed is beyond sinister. It'll take some planning, but once you create your contraption, it will all be worth it. Here's what you do: cut the back of a cereal box, tape a balloon inside and frost the whole thing. Then, ask your victim to cut you each a slice. Be sure to yell, "April Fool's!" and run — fast. They have a knife.

Alyssa K. Priebe

Alyssa is an Iowa native who's always loved fashion and found a passion for journalism while studying at Iowa State University. When she's not writing for More, you can find her watching Disney movies, crafting, and snapping adorable pics of her cats, Rory and Widget.

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