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11 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes You Can Actually Make Happen

Just because you're lacking on time doesn't mean your Halloween costume needs to show that. We found the easiest — and most stylish — costumes that you can put together in no time. Happy haunting!

Kelly Kapowski from 'Saved By The Bell'

1 / 11


This '90s-inspired look only takes a little bit of digging to pull together. Bandeau top? Check. Mom jeans? Check. Find a pair of suspenders and ta-da — you're good to go!

Photo: @paige_stock | Instagram

Wednesday Addams from 'The Addams Family'

2 / 11


Nothing screams "Happy Halloween!" like Wednesday Addams. A black dress (preferably collared), middle-part braids and an uber-eerie trance is all you need to finish this haunting look. Expertly ghoulish makeup skills are only a plus.

Photo: @claraannduff | Instagram

Olive Penderghast from 'Easy A'

3 / 11


We aren't sure why this costume isn't even more popular because it's so easy: Throw on a black structured tank, a cut-out letter "A," some black skinnies, and a pair of sunnies. Be sure to practice your confident strut while you're at it.

Photo: YouTube

Agnes from 'Despicable Me'

4 / 11


This darling getup is super easy and uber cute. A striped top, denim overalls, and a high-resting ponytail are all you need — and tagging along that "SO FLUFFY" unicorn is only a plus.

Photo: YouTube

Regina George from 'Mean Girls'

5 / 11


This outfit is so fetch. Find yourself an old tank top, a bright colored bra, and a simple skirt. Cut the tank and strut your stuff because you're bound to be the next big trendsetter.

Photo: @shana.gilmore | Instagram

Minnie Mouse

6 / 11


The Disney darling costume is easy, and cute enough to help you take home the "Best Costume" award. All you need is a black top, Mini Mouse ears and a red pencil skirt. Cut out a few small polka dots from white felt, stick them onto your skirt and you'll be good to go. All you'll need is your Mickey.

Photo: YouTube

Joel Goodson from 'Risky Business'

7 / 11


This costume is simple and requires dancing, so what could be better? A button down and knee socks are the only things you'll need to make this look come to life. And don't forget your hairbrush microphone.

Photo: @msheamusic | Instagram

Mary Poppins

8 / 11


This bewitching look only requires a white button up, a black skirt and a red ribbon bow if you have one. Don't forget her infamous umbrella and a magical never-ending tote! Special perks if you can spell "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious."

Photo: Merrick's Art

Elaine Benes from 'Seinfeld'

9 / 11


Remember that time your mom gave you all her old clothes that you swore you'd never wear? Well, now's your chance. Throw on all that vintage or hit the thrift store — specifically that oversized suit or uber-floral calf-length skirt — and you'll be Elaine in no-time.

Photo: Avant Blargh

Holly Golightly from 'Breakfast At Tiffany's'

10 / 11


This ever-chic lady is #HalloweenGoals. Throw on your best LBD, all the pearls, and your biggest black sunnies. You'll be ready for breakfast at Tiffany's in no time.

Photo: @kendal_in_wonderland | Instagram

Rosie The Riveter

11 / 11


This costume is a classic. Grab a denim chambray top and a red handkerchief, and tie it all together with a sassy red lip. It doesn't get much easier than that.

Photo: @scerto | Instagram

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