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15 Amazing AF Gifts For Every Woman In Your Life

The holiday season is right around the corner, and we all have amazing women in our lives we need to show our appreciation for. Here's our gift guide for every woman in your life, from your mom to your childhood BFF.

Your Secret Santa

quartz keychain

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You've agreed on a budget, and now you have to get something inexpensive and practical for the craftiest gift-giver of the bunch. For $5, you give her something that's not only trendy, but has a personal touch. This initial keychain with attached quartz is fabulous and functional. What more can you ask for?

Photo: Etsy

Your Mom

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Somehow, she successfully shepherded you into adulthood—a miracle, really, and quite possibly also the reason for any and every gray hair on her head. Show Mom how much you appreciate everything she's done for you with this relaxation kit from Lush, which is full of soothing gifts like Dream Cream body lotion, Twilight body wash, and a Twilight bath bomb for $25.95. The calming lavender blends will finally let your mom get the R&R she so desperately deserves.

Photo: Lush

Your Older Sister

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From being a shoulder to cry on during a break up to holding her temper when you "borrow" her dress without asking for the zillionth time, your sister is always there for you. Why not get her the Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette, listed at $54.00 at Sephora? You know she'd never buy it for herself, so do it for her! If you're lucky, she'll thank you by letting you use it.

Photo: Sephora

Your Childhood BFF

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If you're still in contact with your childhood best friend, you've been through a lot together. While those old string bracelets meant the world to both of you in childhood, why not give her a more lasting, adult friendship bracelet for $18.00? Your friendship has grown so much over the years, and this bracelet will be a lasting reminder that you'll always appreciate her sticking by your side.

Photo: Etsy

The Expectant Mom

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It's the third trimester, and this expectant mama just wants the baby to come out. But one day, maybe when her peanut takes his first steps or starts kindergarten, you know she'll look back fondly at the time she spent carrying him. To help her remember this special time in her life forever, get her this belly casting kit for $17.49, which she can personalize with paint and accessories once dry.

Photo: Amazon

Your Grandma

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If there's one thing we know for sure about your grandma, it's that she's proud of you and the family she's watched grow and mature over the years. She's bound to love this Family Tree Photo Collage listed on wayfair for $40.99. Gather photos from everyone in your family to give her a gift that captures snapshots from all different phases of her life with your family—starting with her wedding and working your way all the way down to her grandchildren.

Photo: Wayfair

Your Boyfriend's Mom

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Thanks to her, your boyfriend is the wonderfully sweet guy you're so fond of, and his mom deserves a little love around the holidays, too. Get her this Coffee Sampler for $19.99. This sampler includes a wide variety of decadent coffee blends, including Hazelnut, French Vanilla, Chocolate Raspberry and Cinnamon Streusel.

Photo: Swiss Colony

Your Godmother

8 / 15


Godmothers definitely have a special place in our hearts: They truly are like second mothers. This holiday season, thank her with this sterling silver infinity bracelet for $40.50. The sentiment will melt her heart, and it'll give her a reason to brag about her lovely goddaughter whenever somebody compliments her new bracelet.

Photo: Luulla

Your Best Friend from College

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Sure, when you first met the only wine your bestie was drinking was no more than 7 dollars a bottle (and gone by the end of the weekend), but you've both matured since then. Now, she's a bona-fied wine connoisseur who would love a stemless wine glass collection that features elegant words with definitions like "An insatiable affection for wine" scrawled across the front. For $38.00, the set of four is yours (and then hers, of course).

Photo: Uncommon Goods

Your Little Niece

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You know you want to be the coolest aunt out there, and for $28.99, you can be. This pink playhouse tent will offer your niece endless entertainment possibilities. From her own personal ball pit (which brings the price up to $48.41) to a pink, private princess castle, she'll be thanking you for years to come.

Photo: Amazon

Your Little Sister

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Not only will this blanket keep your sister warm throughout the winter, it'll also bring her imagination to life and be her go-to whenever she decides to watch The Little Mermaid. It's super cute and a perfect solution to cold feet that always seem to slip out from under normal blankets. For $19.00, you can choose a knitted mermaid tail that comes in a variety of colors, including purple, blue, yellow, and rose red.

Photo: Wish

Long Distance BFF

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Whether your BFF goes to college miles away or just got a job in a new, faraway city, long distance friendships can be tough. Remind your friend you love her with this $8.00 customizable poster that reads, "Always together, never apart. Maybe in distance but never at heart." Pick from a wide variety of colors, like sunset, poppy, jade, and peach, frame it, and ship it to your friend as a reminder that your friendship will remain strong, not matter the distance.

Photo: Etsy

Your Boyfriend's Sister

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This gift is perfect for any girl with an affinity for lotions and sweet scents, and it's a great way to give a gift that shows you put in a little extra effort this year. Buy a pair of slippers like these for $19.98, and then hit up the travel body care section of your local Bath & Body Works so you can fit tons of small gifts into the slippers. Pick a pack that has a variety of products in her favorite scent, like the Beautiful Day Travel Size Trio for $12.50, or snag the Fan Favorites Five Pack so she can try products other people love and see if she loves them, too.

Photo: Bath & Body Works

The Friend Who got a Promotion

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She has a lot on her plate—probably some admirable combination of work, child-rearing, and maintaining a healthy social life. With her recent promotion, she's going to need a lot of coffee to get through the day. Get her this floral Boss Lady mug to remind her what a badass she is every time she wakes up for her morning coffee.

Photo: Etsy

The Adventurer

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She's always on the go: Whether she's packing up and moving to a new state or going on another worldly excursion, it's best if she travel light. For 14.99, you can get your adventurous friend a Travel Scratch World Map. All she needs is some pins to tack it up and a coin to scratch off the places she's traveled to, and she has a super-cool wall decoration that reminds her where she's gone and where she'll go.

Photo: Accessory Geeks

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