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The 15 Hottest NFL Players in Super Bowl 2016

Are you a major fan of men in tight pants? We've got you covered! Check out the 15 hottest NFL players who will be playing in Super Bowl 50 this Sunday!

Whether you're a football fan or not, you have to admit there are some pretty fit (and attractive!) NFL players to crush on. Super Bowl 50, the February 7 competition between the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos, signifies the end of football season until fall. If you anticipate withdrawals of handsome men in tight pants until the new season, we've got you covered. We've compiled a list of 15 of the cutest guys who will play in the competition this Sunday for you to follow on Instagram or Twitter.


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1. Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers
The Panthers Quarterback, Newton, is downright cute. Between his ultra-broad shoulders and sweet grin, he's total crush material. He's also rumored to be wicked fast with the football in his hands, helping propel his team to play in the Super Bowl 2016.



A photo posted by Demaryius Thomas (@demaryiust88) on


2. Demaryius Thomas, Denver Broncos
Demaryius Thomas, the 28 year-old wide receiver for the Denver Broncos, might be pictured in the dictionary under the phrase "chiseled good looks." Thomas has overcome some serious hardship in his life — his mother spent years in prison for drug charges, and didn't even get to see him play live until Jan. 16, 2016!

3. Luke Kuechly, Carolina Panthers
Carolina Linebacker Kuechly, age 24, is known as the "gentleman linebacker." His boyish good looks and the nerdy wire-framed glasses he wears off the field have earned him the nickname of "Clark Kent." Perhaps more importantly, his former teachers and friends are quick to describe him as "hardworking, " "honest," and a "man of integrity."



4. Emmanuel Sanders, Denver Broncos
This Denver Broncos wide receiver, age 28, is a self-proclaimed proponent of hard work, faith, and dedication. Perhaps that special combination of factors is responsible for his massive biceps? Media has described Sanders as "polished" and "knowledgeable," in interviews.



A photo posted by Demarcus Ware (@demarcusware) on


5. DeMarcus Ware, Denver Broncos
At 33, Ware is far from the youngest NFL players who will compete on Super Bowl Sunday. However, his model good looks and impeccable style off the field definitely make him a top candidate for your NFL crush. Described as a "natural leader," Ware is a huge source of ongoing inspiration and support to his Broncos teammates.



A photo posted by Ronnie Hillman (@flashlife23) on


6. Ronnie Hillman, Denver Broncos
At 5'10'', Hillman might not be the tallest player in the upcoming Super Bowl Sunday, but he's probably one of the fastest. The 24-year-old Broncos running back is reportedly a total all-star on his feet. He even competed in sprinting events for his college track team!

7. Peyton Manning, Denver Broncos
39-year-old Peyton Manning isn't just one of the biggest star quarterbacks in the NFL, he's been a major heartthrob for women nationwide since his college football career started 20 years ago! Manning has dropped some heavy hints that he plans to retire after Sunday's Super Bowl to focus on family, so the upcoming game could be your last chance to peep at this handsome man in action.



A photo posted by Brock Osweiler (@bosweiler17) on


8. Brock Osweiler, Denver Broncos
The Bronco's second quarterback, Brock Osweiler, might be a slight resemblance to star Pattinson. In addition to being nearly 6'7'' in his socks, this 25-year-old QB is a dedicated dog Dad and a relatively new husband to Erin, who he married in 2014.



A photo posted by Sam Brenner (@brennersix5) on


9. Sam Brenner, Denver Broncos
If you like guys with beards, you'll probably love the Denver Broncos offensive lineman Sam Brenner! This relatively new addition to the Broncos squad (and proud dad) may not get much play time on Super Bowl Sunday, but that just increases your chances of seeing him without a helmet.

10. Cortland Finnegan, Carolina Panthers
Cortland Finnegan, a 25-year-old defensive cornerback and free safety specialist for the Carolina Panthers, is the very handsome husband of Lacey, and a Dad of two daughters. Their super-cute family owns two rottweilers and has been known to visit petting zoos on family outings.



A photo posted by Brenton Bersin (@bbersin10) on


11. Brenton Bersin, Carolina Panthers
Brenton Bersin might just bear a striking resemblance to the Marvel Super Hero Thor. In addition to having enviable blonde mermaid hair, this 25 year-old wide receiver majored in accounting in college at Wolford, indicating he's probably got a brain for numbers.



A photo posted by Juwan Thompson (@23thompson40) on


12. Juwan Thompson, Denver Broncos
23-year-old running back Thompson is one of the younger players who will go head-to-head in Sunday's Super Bowl. Thompson is deeply religious and a budding philanthropist, who's been known to share photos of his charitable activities to Twitter.



A photo posted by Jeff Heuerman (@jheuerman) on


13. Jeff Heuerman, Denver Broncos
Jeff Heuerman has had a bit of a slow season, due to his recent recovery from a knee injury. However, at just 23 years old, this adorable Denver tight end undoubtedly has a bright career ahead of him.

14. J.J. Jansen, Carolina Panthers
This ultra-cute Panthers long snapper, age 30, is in his eighth NFL season. Jansen spends his time off-the-field engaged in charitable activities and golf.



A photo posted by AJ Klein (@ajklein47) on


15. A.J. Klein, Carolina Panthers
23 year-old A.J. Klein appears to be single, according to a distinct lack of Tweets about a significant other. Just a heads up, because this linebacker and self-proclaimed fan of "hardwork" appears to be quite the catch!

Who is YOUR NFL crush? Will they be playing in the game on Super Bowl 2016?

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