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16 Things 2016 Brought Back We Never Thought We'd See Again

It was a weird year, and that's putting it lightly. But with all the madness 2016 brought, it also gifted us with tons of things we thought were lost to time. Here's our roundup of some of the best things we saw (again) this year.

Gilmore Girls

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When we last saw Gilmore Girls in 2007, Rory was off to be a big journalist and Lorelai and Luke were most likely on their way to being together forever. Little did we know, almost a decade later, the Gilmores would be back to grace 2016 with all the witty banter we could ever want. Although the revival reviews were mixed, we think most people appreciated the comeback.

Photo: Saeed Adyani | Netflix


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Wow, '90s chokers did make a serious comeback. Celebs rocked them on the red carpet, and designers brought them into their collections. Whether you busted out that plastic choker from 2001 or opted for an updated version, the choker trend was one ladies everywhere gladly welcomed back.

Photo: @bellathorne | Instagram

Destiny's Child

3 / 16


Even though this reunion isn't totally official, rumors are swirling that the trio could be getting back together after an official Destiny's Child Instagram account was activated. Beyoncé is the queen of surprises, and we would definitely not be mad if we were surprised with some new DC music.

Photo: @destinyschild | Instagram


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Pokémon Go ruled the summer. Although the Pokémon hype never really left us, Pokémon Go found old fans swooning for the interactive game and new fans flocking to the craze. One thing's for sure, the Pokémon Go addiction gave us serious flashbacks to the '90s.

Photo: @pokemon | Instagram

Frank Ocean

5 / 16


Frank Ocean came back with a bang this year. After his first critically acclaimed album, Channel Orange, dropped in 2012, the R&B star was basically radio silent. Fans began losing hope he'd ever release more music when he dropped Endless, a visual album exclusively on Apple Music, and a full-length album, Blond, which topped many year-end lists for best album.

Photo: Frank Ocean

Crimped Hair

6 / 16


Honestly, this trend resurgence satisfied the 10-year-old in all of us. Who didn't want to rock crimped hair just like Lizzie McGuire and the Olsen twins? Not to mention, the look is totally gorgeous, and now we are buying a crimper ASAP (or digging that old one out of the box in the attic).

Photo: @j_jjs | Instagram

Britney Spears

7 / 16


OK, OK, her "official" comeback happened years ago, but 2016 brought us Brit like we haven't seen her... since the early 2000s. Not only were her singles topping the charts, but she made her first VMAs appearance in nine years. It's appropriate her album was titled Glory because she was absolutely glorious in 2016.

Photo: RCA Records

Harry Potter

8 / 16


J.K. Rowling was on a *roll* in 2016. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child debuted on stage and the script was released to fans all over the world. It was an unconventional eighth installation, but the script was the most pre-ordered book of 2016. And if that weren't enough, we got J.K. Rowling's first screenplay (and new movie) in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Bless you, J.K. Rowling. And bonus: Harry Potter makeup went bananas this year.

Photo: Warner Bros.

Butterfly Clips

9 / 16


The best and brightest trends of the '90s made a beautiful reappearance this year, and this might be our favorite one. Isn't it the best day ever when your fave butterfly clips from grade school actually become cool again, thanks to designers like Fendi? Sure, these are a lot more chic and modern, but we still love that this trend made a comeback (and hopefully will continue to be cool in 2017).

Photo: @fendi | Instagram

Adidas Shell Toe Sneakers

10 / 16


OK wow. Are we sure we aren't living in the '90s? TBH, we couldn't be happier about this Adidas trend, solely for the comfort factor. Sneakers and a cute dress are suddenly OK to wear for a night on the town just the same as rocking them everyday with jeans like jayybabexo? Count. Us. In!

Photo: @jayybabexo | Instagram

Lisa Frank

11 / 16


So maybe the legit amazing coloring books we used to love didn't come back, but Lisa Frank hair, like this look by hairbymisskellyo, was totally inspired by the vibrant colors of our favorite rainbow enthusiast. Looking for your next 'do? Yes, this is it.

Photo: @hairbymisskellyo | Instagram

The X-Files

12 / 16


The X-Files is the end-all be-all for alien aficionados. Even if you never watched the series, which ended in 2002, you're probably familiar with Scully and Mulder's alien adventures. When the new season debuted in January, X-Files fans 'round the world rejoiced, and so did our inner sci-fi nerd.

Photo: Fox Television

Platform Shoes

13 / 16


Remember when your mom would wear leather platforms in 2012, and you thought it was the grossest thing ever? Okay, maybe that's just me... but platforms are back and better than ever, and I daresay they're totally chic, like these we saw from vanillasyndrome. Now your mom can tell you she told you so.

Photo: @vanillasyndrome | Instagram

LCD Soundsystem

14 / 16


If you're not familiar with this band, you'll want to put them on your radar ASAP. The electronic band, led by James Murphy, said their official (and totally extravagant) goodbye in April 2011. Fans had no clue that come 2016, they'd be headlining major music festivals (including Coachella) and preparing to drop a new album. Best. Thing. Ever!

Photo: Virgin/Parlophone/DFA


15 / 16


Velvet had a big year. From velvet boots to jumpers and so much more, it seemed like velvet was the new leather. We're not really complaining. We'll wear that lush material all day, every day, just like this look from dayabyzendaya. Plus, it's perfect in any season and on any accessory. Gotta love that versatility.

Photo: @dayabyzendaya | Instagram

Will & Grace

16 / 16


When the sitcom ended in 2006, no one was ready to say goodbye to the characters. Luckily, in September, the cast reunited in a 10-minute special to urge people to vote. Now that people have got a new taste of Will & Grace, everyone is pulling for official reunion episodes.

Photo: @therealdebramessing | Instagram

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