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19 Times Every '90s Girl Wished She Was an Olsen Twin

If you're a fan of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, then you understand how vital their influence was (and still is, tbh) in our lives. We watched their movies, bought their products, read their books, and even maybe used their pick-up lines. The Olsen twins were everything we wanted to be—so it's only necessary that we highlight some of their very best moments.

1. When they had all their fab parties


Who could forget the intro to every movie in the "You're Invited" party series: "If it's up to me, you'll R.S.V.P." Also, those coordinated overalls and backwards hats are just to-die-for.

2. Their birthday party



AKA, when they couldn't decide on a party theme, so they combined their ideas to make a pool/piñata party. And remember when those sneaky boys jumped in and pushed all the girls off of their floaties? No? Just me?

3. The mall party


Okay, so four eleven-year-olds run around alone in the Mall of America, and apparently they have as much money as they want. They hit up the food court, mini golf, roller coasters, candy stores, and boutiques to name a few. Why weren't our childhoods that cool?

4. The ballet party


When the Olsen twins ran around NYC in swan lake costumes and got to perform with a professional dance company—because obviously their moves can't be beat.

5. And the sleepover party.


We're convinced that the pizza song ("Gimme pizza! P-I-Z-Z-A!") was important in shaping all of our childhoods.


6. When they had their own makeover machine

Even now as a grown-ass adult, I desperately want this in my life.


7. When they had their own dolls

Mary-Kate and Ashley Dolls

I remember being so excited when my mom got me the "movie magic" versions of MK and Ash for my birthday (which, by the way, are still available on Amazon). Or, you could get the doll-sized Olsen twins from New York Minute for the reasonable price of $185.


8. ...And basically every product under the sun

Mary-Kate and Ashley Playstation Game

Stay entertained for hours with this Mary-Kate and Ashley puzzle or this board game. Throw a party the Olsens would be proud of with their line of party supplies. Attract the man of your dreams wearing their Coast to Coast perfume. Fire up your Gameboy or Playstation and help the twins solve the Magical Mall Mystery. Olsen twin toothpaste? Just take my money already.


9. When they dropped their ~*HOT*~ single, "Brother For Sale"

If you have a brother, you've probably related to this song at one point or another. The price of their brother goes from 50 cents, to 25 cents, and finally down to 10 cents, when they realize they'd like to keep him around. Either way, this song was always a jam.


10. The Adventures of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen


They'll "solve any crime by dinner time"!


11. When their fictional parents just let them go anywhere, anytime


Go jet skiing with random guys in the Bahamas? Sure. Ditch the chaperone and ride on the backs of motorcycles in Paris? Duh. They had more freedom at age 10 than I had at age 16.


12. Like in Winning London



13. New York Minute



14. And Holiday in the Sun



...Which was Megan Fox's debut film!


15. When they each got a cute boy to play their love interest




And somehow, the guys they were crushin' on ALWAYS liked them back.

16. But mostly, they got to hang out with John Stamos


Fair warning: this video might make your heart explode.

17. When they wore these outfits (from New York Minute)

Mary-Kate and Ashley - New York Minute - Getty

Mary-Kate and Ashley - New York Minute Outfits - Getty

(via Getty)

18. ...And these






Even now, in our twenties, it's okay to admit that we're still obsessed with Mary-Kate and Ashley. Because we totally are.

Sierra Burgos

Sierra is an Editorial Intern and Drake University student who was born and raised in California. When she's not dishing on Hollywood's hottest, she enjoys experimenting with beauty and fashion, watching videos of puppies, spending time outdoors, and basically living at Chipotle.

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