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8 All-Too-Familiar Moments Anyone With A Roommate Will Understand

Having a roommate can be the best thing and the worst thing. Here are eight things anyone who has lived with another person can relate to.

College: A time for expanding your horizons, gaining new freedoms and discovering whether or not you're the crazy roommate. Wait, what?

Whether you and your housemate are able to become besties, or maybe you've ended up more like these two passive-aggressive AF roommates from Penn State, here are six living-together moments we can ALL relate to.

1. Who knew there was a *right* direction for the toilet paper roll?

It's probably fair to say we all grew up oblivious to the TP ways of the world. You most likely never worried about where the toilet paper was going to come from (thanks mom and dad!) and you didn't spend time fretting about the direction the roll faced. But all it takes is one visit to the porcelain thrown with an empty, brown roll looking back at you to cause you to rethink everything you've ever known.


2. Do your dishes or go Dixie.

There is nothing wrong with leaving your pancake plate to soak in the sink when you're running late for class and/or work in the morning––we've all been there. However, if it's Friday and all you have done is let the sticky mess of a pile accumulate, we promise that your roommate has in fact noticed and is probably not thrilled about it. If this sounds like you, do everyone a favor and invest in a nice set of paper plates.


3. Mo roomies, Mo problems...tracking down your clothes, that is.

Living with another person means having access to an entire closet's worth of clothing, and what's not to love about that? However, Friday night swaps are all fun and games until you open your incredibly-tight-fitting closet on Monday morning only to find that your brand new sweater is nowhere to be found...and by "nowhere," we mean currently on your roomie's back in biology lab.


4. There will always be a spare key...

There is nothing worse than coming home after a long day of classes only to realize that your keys are on the other side of the door that your roommate locked behind her. Bright side? Having a roomie means that even if you happen to be the forgetful one that day, she'll probably be home soon, too, with a spare set of keys in hand.


5. ...and someone to fully support your Bachelor addiction.

Living with another person means that #WineWednesday can be a perfectly acceptable weekly occurrence (holiday). Combine a bottle of cheap Moscato with some terrible reality television, and you've got a night of roomie-bonding that you both will look forward to each and every week (and no one can judge you if they're equal participants).


6. That whole awkward sex thing.

What exactly is the rule on sex in shared homes, nowadays? In the name of no one wanting to walk in on their roomie and her "study buddy" working on some...ahem...anatomy, there obviously needs to be some sort of respectable communication. But is it still the whole scrunchie on the doorknob thing? Or did it transition back to a sock? Or maybe we're supposed to be adults now and just send a quick text? Can someone *please* just choose a code that we can all stick to?! 



7. Food is always off limits

You would think that by now, people would understand that it is a universal rule that you don't eat your roommates' food. Unless you are the kind of people who buy your groceries together and split the bill at the register, don't ask––and most importantly: Don't you dare touch.


8. You've got a friend in me

You and your roommate might not be absolute besties, and chances are there are going to be times when you wished you lived alone. But living with another person can come with some seriously killer adventures. As much as you wished she would clean her hair out of the sink a little more often, don't forget that you're most likely not a perfect roommate either. So remind yourself of the good things she does, and cherish the awesome memories that can only come from living with someone!



Hannah Marsh

Hannah is a Texas-born, Iowa-raised alumna of Iowa State University. When not writing trending content across several Meredith sites, she enjoys all things fitness-related, binge-watching "Whose Line is it Anyway" episodes and fully embracing her self-diagnosed peanut butter addiction.

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