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Could This Pre-Teen Be the Next Amy Schumer?

At only 11 years old, Saffron Herndon is already well on her way to becoming a comedy legend.

Most people don't start performing stand-up comedy until they're old enough to get into bars and comedy clubs, but 11-year-old Saffron Herndon is changing the game. The dry-witted pre-teen is taking the comedy world by storm with her collection of surprisingly dark—and undeniably funny—one-liners. And, believe it or not, she writes all her own material.

Saffron, or Saffy, is getting a lot of attention recently after one Reddit user posted a link to some of Saffy's jokes on Imgur. Needless to say, we loved them. And the comments were overwhelmingly supportive. But some users, of course, brought up the question of whether the young comic actually wrote her own jokes. (It's possible that Saffy's father, who is also a comedian, plays a significant role in the process.)

But as one user put it, “It doesn’t really matter because she needs to be able to deliver it, and she does.”

Of course, at only 11, Saffy still has some work to do. But she realizes that achieving a dream is a journey, not a destination, and she invites everyone to come along. “Join me on my comedy journey as I become the next generation of strong female comics," Saffy is quoted as saying. She was only 10 at the time.

With heroes like Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Phyllis Diller, and Aubrey Plaza, Saffy certainly has some big shoes to fill, but she's already well on her way. Only two years into her comedy career, Saffy is already scheduled to headline Denton Comedy Festival in July and has performed on Gilda Radner's Laughfest, the Dallas Comedy Festival, Amsterdam Comedy Festival, and Out of Bound Comedy Festival. She also placed second in the East Texas Funniest Comic competition. That's a decent resume for any stand-up comedian.

Plus, she sells super-cool merch.

Rachel Weeks

I'm originally from the Chicagoland area, but I recently moved from beautiful Des Moines, IA to the equally beautiful Denver, CO. I spend my days reading, binge-watching TV shows, performing and listening to comedy and, of course, writing.

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