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Girl Who Wins Homecoming Queen In A T-Rex Costume Is Our New Hero

Forget those frilly gowns, this inflatable dinosaur costume just won best dressed at Homecoming.

Prepare your praise hands because we all need to bow down to this girl who won homecoming queen wearing an inflatable T-Rex costume. Dare we say it's a Jurassic-sized achievement?

Those of us who think we are winning by stealing celebrity red carpet fashion or donning an edgy, fashion-forward gown have nothing on this amazing, totally brave Colorado Springs, Colorado, high school student. Dinosaur is now the new black because Sarah MacDonald just set the standard for homecoming attire this year.

The picture of MacDonald in her sash is everything:

"Still can't believe I won homecoming queen because of a T-Rex costume," MacDonald posted on Twitter.

MacDonald deserves major props, of course, but even more so, her high school peers who crowned her queen are officially the best people ever in a time when bullying and hating on people for even the most minor fashion faux pas can take over.

But it's not just her fellow students that are giving this homecoming T-Rex love. MacDonald shared that her boyfriend's babysitting charges think she's actually a dinosaur in real life, making them the cutest kids in the entire world.

MacDonald shared her hilarious winning achievement on Ellen Degeneres's EllenTube, saying, "Overall just an amazing and hilarious experience."

Maybe next year she can get Jurassic World star Chris Pratt to be her homecoming date. In that case, BRB, just prepping a corsage to go on this new velociraptor costume.

Caitlin White

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