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This Harry Potter Spells Rap Is Every Potterhead's Dream

Alex Day's rap "Avada Kebabra" uses every single spell from the seven-book Harry Potter series, and it's totally epic.

Accio this song on my Spotify playlist STAT. Musician Alex Day's rap song "Avada Kebabra" uses every single spell in every Harry Potter book, so clearly it's a must-listen for every Potterhead.

Mind you, the rap isn't about Harry, Hermione, Ron, and the rest of J.K. Rowling's group of Hogwarts wizards. It instead tells a completely different story in which a friend opens a kebab shop, so Day's ability to insert the magic spells is straight-up crazy.

For example, check out how the song opens:

"ALO - HOME OR Away I'm always gonna come back to vlog what I been up to
I just had A NAP - NEOver forty-five minutes that I was spent slumbering
My housemate Jo said he NOX'd on my door, but all he could hear from my room were SONORUS
STUPEFYd, I was out like a light, ACCIO'd over like I was imMOBILICORPUS
And I had asked for SILENCIO-it doesn't matter, but he had finished baking a cake, see
If he wasn't so QUIETUS the tale of his baking would be enough to RENNERVATE me"

The capitalizations should help fans run back all those spells he smooshed into the song, but in case you missed them, in those only six lines we have all of these:

  • Alohomora: The spell used to lock and unlock doors (and we can give him the break on the extra "e")
  • Anapneo: The heimlich-like spell, used to clear a person's airway when it's blocked
  • Nox: The counter spell to lumos, used to extinguish the lights
  • Sonorus: The spell that acts like a megaphone to maginfy someone's voice
  • Stupefy: The red-light stunning spell
  • Accio: A summoning charm
  • Mobilucorpus: Used to levitate or move those who are unable
  • Silencio: A silencing charm
  • Quietus: The counter spell to sonorus
  • Rennervate: A spell used to bring someone out of an unconcious state

Whew, and that's only the first couple lines. Day's only regret?

"I accidentally missed Levicorpus and used Mobilicorpus twice," he posts in his YouTube comments. "I was devastated when I realized."

I'm pretty sure we can all forgive him.

Caitlin White

Caitlin White is the Senior Editor at Her work has appeared in,, Bustle, The Huffington Post, Wetpaint, and other publications. If you want to talk about Dateline: Real Life Mysteries, shark movies, or Judy Blume books, she's your woman.

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