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Hey Girl: 15 Ryan Gosling Items to Add to Your Life

He's everywhere, and that's exactly how it should be. Whether you DIY or buy, here are 15 great Ryan Gosling items to adorn your pad, office, or self!

Ryan Gosling Hey Girl

Ryan Gosling famously invaded your personal life the first time some random soul put "Hey, girl" on his picture. It's okay if you got a little obsessed; so did the rest of us. Thankfully, you can invite the Gos to occupy even more of your thoughts by putting him on basically everything you own. Here are 15 of our favorite Ryan Gosling products.

1. Welcome Mat by Josie B
This welcome mat gets straight to the point. Anybody who isn't Ryan Gosling can pretty much beat it.

2. Key to Your Heart by BlendBlend
He's unlocked your dreams just by existing, so why not keep his mug on your key chain? When you need a boost, just look at your fob, and you'll be all keyed up in no time.

3. Workout Gear by RedBubble
Listen, since we can't work up a sweat with Ryan Gosling, we had to find a way to work up a sweat while wearing cute Ryan Gosling items. Support Gos, and remind yourself of your own "drive" to work out in this cute tank top.

4. Coffee Mug by RebelYouthGraphics
Because there is nothing better than waking up to Ryan Gosling and a hot cup of coffee.

5. Baby Onesie by JudeBug
It's never too early to become a Ryan Gosling fan. Get the little ones your life off to a good start with this adorable "Hey Girl" onesie.

6. Mini-Him for Your Mini-Me by BlessHerHeart13
Your child has no idea why he's getting extra hugs from you, but that's okay. When he wears this "Hey, girl" shirt, he'll charm you without even trying. Now if only he could disappear for a while and build you that dream house ...

7. Pencil Me In by Ohh Deer
You can't be the man's wife if you don't first practice your "Mrs. Ryan Gosling" signature. Why not do it in style with these personalized pencils?

8. A Phone Call From Ry
With this free download, you can get out of any situation. After all, Ryan Gosling is calling, so it must be important. Better than any merch, a call from him will make your day every time. You can schedule a faux call, complete with 10 head shots of the star, for any time—day or night.

9. Go Green Sweatshirt by The Reformation
We all care about saving the earth. Some of us just have different motives than others. Go ahead. Tell the world why, exactly, you care about the environment.

10. Wineglasses by Craftplethora
Drinking wine is fun, but when you can look at Ryan Gosling's smirk while you sip, well, that's a whole new level of yes.

11. Cut-and-Paste Grown-Up Work Book by Barnes and Noble
If his smile makes you as silly as a preschooler, take heart. Barnes and Noble has a Ryan Gosling activity workbook just for you. Everyone knows the Gos is a doll, but now he's also a paper doll. Your paper doll. No need to share with the rest of the class.

12. A Shirt for Your Non-Gos Guy by RedBubble
We all know your boyfriend is a good guy, but he's still not Ryan Gosling. Make the most of your temporary predicament by putting your dude in a Ryan Gosling shirt.

13. His Face, Over Scorpions, Over Your Legs by RageOn
That's right, you can even "Ryan Gosling" your legs. And since his face is all over them, these leggings pair well with pretty much anything in your closet.

14. Studs of the Stud by IndieClub
A great starting point for the novice Gos fan, these studs represent THE stud. His smug mug never looked so good as on the earlobe. Grab a pair for yourself—and a pair for a friend.

15. DIY-Gos by VinylBeach
When you've stocked up on Ryan Gosling items, you'll still find things you own that just aren't complete without his smirk. Enter the vinyl decal that goes wherever you want. "Ryan Gosling" your tablet, your bathroom mirror, your dashboard, and your cat. "Ryan Gosling" your desk, your walls, and your yoga mat.

As you "Ryan Gosling" your stuff, get creative. When you find even better ways to Gos it up, share it with the rest of us. Comment below, and tweet a picture to @DivineCaroline.

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