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Kick Off Breast Cancer Awareness Month With These 13 Boob Hacks

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, we're sharing the best tips and tricks to ensure that your girls are healthy and happy. Nothing is worse than a complicated outfit or an uncomfortable boobage sitch—which is why we're here to help.

1. Contour your chest

contour breasts

Check out this tutorial from Nicole at Cute DIY Projects, because sometimes we just all need a little extra glamour going on in the chest area.


2. Make a DIY backless bra

With this tutorial by RayLee to become the undisputed champion of rocking backless shirts.


3. Or try this Invisibra Deidra

This backless bra has received numerous positive reviews⎯not to mention it's cute af.


4. A temporary breast lift
Although they don't cover your nipples, these stickers offer major support and push up (up to 6 inches!). They're also waterproof, so you can give your boobs extra *oomf* in a swimsuit.


5. Get inspo from Kim K. and tape your boobs


Today on my app see the red carpet cleavage tape trick I've been doing for years!

A photo posted by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

We even know what kind of tape she uses. If you don't pay for her app (or even if you do, no judgement) you can find a video tutorial here.

6. Use double-sided tape


For those shirts that just won't stay in place⎯Scotch double-sided tape works wonders.

7. Olive oil to the rescue

Olive oil is gentle on your skin and can release any sticky tape you put on your body. Simply rub the oil around the sides of the tape, and it should come off smoothly. Olive oil can also reverse any damage to the skin, and tighten skin tissue for firmer breasts.

8. Paperclip your bra straps


(via Positive Med)

They make specific contraptions for this exact purpose, but if you don't want to spend 5 dollars, you can substitute a paperclip to hide your straps.

9. Sew-in bra cups

Cut an old bra or use padded cups and sew them into a backless dress or top. You'll never have to worry about bra straps.

10. Workouts to Lift your boobs

That's right⎯you can get fit AND give the girls a lift at the same time. Improve the ~health~ of your boobs (it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, after all) with these fitness moves from Shape.

11. Take a dip in the pool


Or go for a bike ride. Or do some yoga. Or try a dance class. Working out in general can lower the amount of estrogen you produce, which has been linked to certain cancers. Yay for '80s-inspired workouts!

12. Baby Powder beats boob sweat


We've all been personally victimized by underboob sweat⎯but the good news is that baby powder can prevent it. Simply rub some on your boobs before you put a bra on, and you're more likely to stay dry all day.

13. Free the Nipple

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, join this empowering movement and ditch the bra. We tried it once, and we've never been the same.


While some of these ideas are definitely practical, helpful, or just plain entertaining, it's important to remember the true meaning behind Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Be sure perform a self-exam monthly, get regular mammograms after the age 40, and remind your loved ones to do the same.

Sierra Burgos

Sierra is an Editorial Intern and Drake University student who was born and raised in California. When she's not dishing on Hollywood's hottest, she enjoys experimenting with beauty and fashion, watching videos of puppies, spending time outdoors, and basically living at Chipotle.

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