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This Makeup Artist's Skull Makeup Is Making Us Want Halloween Every Day

Makeup artist Vanessa Davis got into skulls to help her stand out, and it definitely worked.

Halloween might be long gone, but London-based makeup artist Vanessa Davis is pulling off skull-inspired makeup all year long.


DISCO GLAM FINAL IMAGE 📀💀📀 💜FOREVER STUDIO 54 SKULL 💜This makeup was inspired by the ICONIC disco ball lollipop in one of the Studio 54 posters! I had so much fun with this one. Gold is my absolute favorite, especially GOLD disco balls darling! This is a picture of the makeup for the next phase of the NYX UK FACE AWARDS 😁It was also such a pleasure to discover so many new #nyxcosmetics products. Stay tuned for my Tutorial on this look coming up tomorrow. 💜Eyes: Jumbo Eye Pencil 'Milk', Pigment powder in 'Potion' Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette in 'Brights' and 'Cool Neutrals' Epic Ink Liner in Black, 'Doll Eye Mascara' in Black, Be Wicked Lashes in WL03 & WL04 💜 Face: HD Primer Base, HD Foundation 'Sand Beige', HD Concealer in CW04 & CW06, Finishing Powder, Highlight & Contour Palette 'Toffee/ Caramel, Sculpt & Hollow', Sweet Cheeks Blush Palette, 💜Brows: Micro Brow Pencil 'Taupe' 💜Lips: Suede Matte Lip Liner in 'Amethyst' #nyxcosmeticsuk #faceawardsuk #nyx #nyxcosmetics #nyxcosmeticsuk #nyxcosmetics_uk

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But it's not your typical, everyday bare bone beauty looks (if those are a thing). Davis, who also goes by the Skulltress, takes 6 to 10 hours of her day (that includes photographing, editing, hash-tagging, and posting!) to create insanely awesome themed looks (butterflies, lace, mermaid tears, etc.). She incorporates crystals, sequins, spikes, neon paint, intricate designs, and plenty of glitter. (Because of course).


Golden Punk Skull 💀💎💰 Front angle of this Xtreme Skulltress Skullatron look. Stay tuned for the vid tomorrow. Thanks for the love❤️ you beautiful creatures of the Universe. (Hair colour adapted by the Hair Color App, Details sharpened using Facetune2) Products used: @wonderlandmakeup '24k Gold' Loose Eyeshadow 'Matt Black' #amazingmakeupart #patmcgrath #shineshack #wonderland #facetune #dupemag #skulltress #skullart #artoftheday #muashoutouts #faceart #facepainting #bbloger #makeupoftheday #sopormagazine #thehorrorhub #skulltress #feature__my_stuff #StyleArtists #arts_secret #artwonderful #art_daily #sketch_daly #featuring_mua #artsviral #punk #gold #skullmakeup #punk

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"I got into makeup through fine art," Davis told MORE. "I was studying art at university and was always fascinated by drawing faces and characters."

After discovering you could make a full-time career out of being a makeup artist, Davis enrolled at London College of Fashion and completed a degree in costume, makeup, and technical effects for the performing arts to get started on her career.

However getting started meant making sure she stood out among the hoards of incredible Instagram makeup artists—which, in addition to her fascination with them, is where skull-inspired makeup came in.

"They have been made very popular in fashion or art for example by Alexander McQueen and Damien Hirst," she told MORE. "I love using the anatomy of the face to distort and highlight the bone structure."


Relm Skull💀💙🔷🔹🌸 This makeup was inspired and dedicated to one of my favourite artists @relmxx Go check out her page, her paintings are breathtaking. The 3D aspect of this design was challenging to recreate. Relm's painting appears to look more like lacy petals whereas mine ended up looking like mandala style pearly petals. I used cardboard with bald cap plastic stuck over the top, blended the edges into my skin and then painted over the top of the shapes and adhered pearls. The makeup I used was all @maccosmetics 🔹Blue Petals: Acrylic Paint in 'Marine Ultra', 'Hi-Def Cyan' (mixed with Pure White), & 'Pure White' 🔹Face: Studio Tech NW20/NW23 stippled on using their latex wedges. Translucent powder, using brush 150 Mineralize blush in 'Dainty' and 'Desert Rose' using 133 brush 🔹Eyes: Eyeshadows in 'Brulee', 'Wedge' and 'Cork' using brushes 221, 222, 239 gel liner in 'Black Track' using angled brush 263 Chromagraphic Pencil in 'Black Black' for lower lash line using brush 228 lashes in 'A56' Pro Beyond Twisted Lash in 'Twisted Black' 🔹Brows: Gel liner in 'Black Track' using angled brow brush 266 🔹Lips: Lipstick in 'Diva' applied several times using 231 brush, blotted with a tissue and shaded in the corners using the Chromagraphic Pencil in 'Black Black' Whites and iris of the eyes, hair and forehead are edited using the Hair Colour and FaceTune Apps #maccosmetics #maccosmeticsuk #bbloger #makeupoftheday #sopormagazine #thehorrorhub #makeuptutorials #FeatureMeDita #mythcosmetics #skulltress #feature__my_stuff #StyleArtists #iphone6 #arts_secret #wolfefx #100daysofmakeupchallenge #artwonderful #beardedhorror #art_daily #amazingmakeupart #skullmakeup #dupemag #skulltress #skullart #artoftheday #mua #muashoutouts #faceart #facepainting #facetune #sketch_daly

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Her inspiration for these insanely cool looks comes from art, tattoo art, various textures and colors, and of course, the all-knowing Pinterest.

We love her awesome and gorgeous takes on the traditionally spooky look. Check out her Instagram to not miss any of the crazy cool and intricate makeovers.



Amaluna Clown Skull Makeup 🎪💀💛💚💙💧 This look was inspired by the mesmerising and jaw dropping production of Amaluna, by Cirque du Soleil. Thank you @maccosmeticsuk for treating me to a lovely evening. Products: Studio Sculpt Foundation NW20, Full Coverage Foundation N25, Mineral Powder 'Light', Loose Pigment Powder Eyeshadows in 'Chartreuse' 'True Chartreuse', 'Primary Yellow', 'Green Space', Teal, Chromacake in 'Marine Ultra', Dazzle Lash Mascara in 'Black Dazzle', False Lashes B56. #cirquedusoleil #maccosmetics #maccosmeticsuk #amazingmakeupart #skullmakeup #dupemag #skulltress #skullart #artoftheday #mua #faceart #facepainting #bbloger #makeupoftheday💄 #skulltress #StyleArtists #arts_secret #artwonderful #art_daily #sketch_daly #artsviral #clown #clownmakeup

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We can't wait to see what kind of theme she comes up with next!

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