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Nothing is Funnier Than Tina Fey and SNL Actors Breaking Character

Someone cleverly compiled the best character-breaking moments on SNL, and we can't stop laughing. From Tina Fey to Michael Jordan, these are some of the best SNL clips ever.

Saturday Night Live is not only one of the longest-running comedy shows on TV, but it's also hosted nearly every hilarious and talented actor, singer and celeb to ever walk the Earth. So if you haven't seen it, where have you been?!

From comic superstars and alumni like Tina Fey, Bill Hader, Amy Poehler, Will Ferrell and dozens of others, we're usually graced with gut-busting performances week after week for one reason or another.

But let's be real here: nothing is funnier than when the stars blatantly screw up (live, may we remind you) in front of millions of viewers. Thanks to one brilliant YouTuber, we now have the best character break videos right at our fingertips.

From trying to hide little bursts of laughter to busting out in uncontrollable giggles, even seasoned pros like Seth Meyers can't keep his cool when Bill Hader's Stefon starts listing the hottest dance clubs in New York City. And let's definitely not forget when Jimmy Fallon breaks character, which most SNL junkies know happens every episode he's in.

You can watch the first video compilation here:

In our humble opinion, some of the best SNL moments of all time are born when even the most experienced cast members or celebs lose their sh*t in front of the camera. Who could forget when the great Michael Jordan couldn't keep his cool during a skit, or when Tina Fey attempts to maintain her suave TV anchor persona only to be disrupted by Will Ferrell?

No one can––that's why SNL has stayed around for 41 seasons and counting.

Watch the second compilation below:

Here's to hoping the 42nd season is the best one yet––or at least gives us some of the best bloopers we've ever seen.

Bethany Lozier

Bethany is a content creation guru at the Meredith Corporation. Her main passions include fangirling over Leonardo DiCaprio, French culture and fashion. When not perusing the Internet or writing, she can be found reading magazines and socializing with the best of 'em.

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