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OMG! This Woman Accidentally Yanked Out Her Eyelashes

Lash lovers beware: as much as you adore your handy-dandy eyelash curler, it could be the death of your beloved lashes. Learn from this reddit user's mistake and keep your eyelashes where they belong—in all their voluminous glory.

Chances are, if you're a woman who uses makeup or any other personal grooming product, you've had a glitch from time to time. Of course, some beauty mistakes are worse than others. For example, back in 2015, 19-year-old Polly Smith developed a crazy allergic reaction to an eyebrow treatment. She paid upwards of $50 to get thicker, Cara Delevigne-esque brows, but ended up having an allergic reaction that swelled her face and ruined her eyebrows. And how about Tori Locklear, who became YouTube famous after burning off her hair while filming {irony} a hair tutorial.

Well, Redditor Aub3912 posted photos of her most recent beauty disaster, and it wasn't her brows—it was her eyelashes. Apparently, in the midst of using a lash curler, the woman sneezed. What came next shocked Redditors everywhere.

I sneezed while curling my eyelashes.

She posted a photo of her very red-looking eye, which was missing a huge chunk of eyelashes. Her lash curler did the opposite of lengthen her lashes—it removed them completely. Can you say, OUCH?!

And guess what? This isn't the first time we've heard about the dangers of lash curlers. Last November, Miley Cyrus posted an Instagram photo showing how her lash curler wreaked havoc on her eye.


Fucking curler chopped my dayummmm lash!

A photo posted by Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus) on

If this isn't enough to scare you into throwing out your lash curler (because how else would our lashes stay perfectly sculpted?), at least take this advice: if you feel a sneeze coming, ditch the curler ASAP.

Sierra Burgos

Sierra is an Editorial Intern and Drake University student who was born and raised in California. When she's not dishing on Hollywood's hottest, she enjoys experimenting with beauty and fashion, watching videos of puppies, spending time outdoors, and basically living at Chipotle.

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