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Our Favorite Film Characters Are Getting High-Fashion Makeovers, And We Can't Get Enough

Artist Benjamin Seidler has created collages of film and fashion, and it's showing what our favorite high-end labels look like onscreen.

Even if you haven't heard of artist and designer Benjamin Seidler before, one look at his mashup of Dior's "We All Should Be Feminists" t-shirt on Regina George in place of her dress from 1-3-5 will make you want to be BFFs with him.


"We only carry sizes one, three and #dior" in my new 📼✂️💅🏻👗 Mean Girls #collage

A post shared by Benjamin Seidler (@benjaminseidler) on



Brooklyn re-costumed in my #collage with @commedesgarcons @balenciaga 📼✂️👫 and a @gabrielahearst handbag

A post shared by Benjamin Seidler (@benjaminseidler) on

Seidler has worked with fashion legends like Alber Elbaz and Suzy Menkes and has now blessed our Instagram feeds with witty, redressed versions of our favorite television and movie characters with styles straight from the most prominent of runways. We're talking Elle Woods in Comme Des Garcons, the cast of Clueless in Louis Vuitton, Katniss and Peta in Balenciaga, and so many more that prove his tastes in films is equal to is taste in fashion.


"Cady, will you please tell him he looks sexy in @balenciaga?" 📼✂️👚 in my Mean Girls #collage

A post shared by Benjamin Seidler (@benjaminseidler) on



TGI Freaky Friday with my @rafsimons for @calvinklein 📼✂️👭 #collage

A post shared by Benjamin Seidler (@benjaminseidler) on

"The brands have to reflect something about the movie and at the same time look totally out of place," Seidler told Vogue about choosing the designs for each character and film.

"So for my Legally Blonde collage, I first put Elle in Chanel, but that looked too much like what the character might actually wear, so I found the Comme [des Garcons] look and it felt like it made sense because it was pink but different. The perception of the fashion and the film is altered. I've watched every episode of Sex and the City at least 20 times and can recite them word for word. The collages are a way for me to keep the series and films I like current."



@brownsfashion asked me to #collage 📼✂️📓 their fall styles on my fave films, so I gave The Notebook a @jacquemus makeover

A post shared by Benjamin Seidler (@benjaminseidler) on

And while Seidler, who currently designs accessories for major luxury houses, will not be making these fun fashion and film illustrations into a full-time gig anytime soon, but he told Dazed, "As long a people find it amusing, I"ll keep doing it.I do find it fun."


#fb to Carrie Bradshaw in @commedesgarcons testing looks for the Met gala in a #collage 📼✂️👗 I made for @industriemag

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Date night #fbf to my Romeo and Juliet meets @maisonvalentino collage 📼✂️👠 made for @vogueaustralia

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And we can't see ourselves ever getting over how perfect his collages are. Take a look at Seigler's Instagram page for more of his high-fashion movie makeovers!


As if! #clueless #louisvuitton 📼✂️👟 #collage #fashion

A post shared by Benjamin Seidler (@benjaminseidler) on



#harrypotter #jwanderson 📼✂️👓 #collage

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