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Soundwave Tattoos Are The Ink Of the Future

An innovation in the tattoo world is letting people play and hear recordings that they want to keep memorialized.

If you haven't been inspired by how absolutely incredible technology can be yet today, we're about to change that for you.

"Skin Motion" is a new company founded by LA-based tattoo artist Nate Siggard that will be introducing soundwave tattoos through an upcoming mobile application. The tats along with the app (that's still in development) will let you play and hear your loved ones' voices, and it's a total and complete gamechanger for the ink world.

The idea came about when two friends were tatted with the opening line from Elton John's Tiny Dancer, and Siggard's girlfriend casually commented how cool it would be to listen to it. And the idea was born. 

Skin Motion's patent pending technology that will let you play back and share minute-long tattooed audio recordings is scheduled to be released in June 2017, and in case you missed it, that's already next month. This means that you would be able to record a  message from your daughter or son, wear your favorite lyrics on your skin, or one tattoo artist even got her dog's bark on her arm. The technology isn't a general soundwave tattoo reader, it currently only works with Skin Motion designs, but Siggard said that they're working on expanding the capabilities to read already existing soundwave tattoos. 

We truly believe this is the future of tattoos, and unlike a picture on your phone or a piece of jewelry, it can't be lost or stolen, so you never have to worry.

Skin Motion is currently in the stages of training tattoo artists around the world in how to create these personalized pieces, and we can imagine it isn't easy. If you're a tattoo artist who is interested in applying, you can fill out the app here!

We're stoked for this innovation in the world of tattoos, and we can't wait to see how it plays out IRL.Interested in getting one for yourself already? Sign up on the website's waiting list for their California parlour. 

Check out this video by Siggard to see how it works! 


Hannah Marsh

Hannah is a Texas-born, Iowa-raised alumna of Iowa State University. When not writing trending content across several Meredith sites, she enjoys all things fitness-related, binge-watching "Whose Line is it Anyway" episodes and fully embracing her self-diagnosed peanut butter addiction.

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