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The Whole Squad Will Adore These 18 DIY Galentine's Day Gifts

Remember passing Valentine's out to all of your friends as a kid? We think you should start the tradition again—let the good times roll with these awesome Galentine's Day gifts for your pals.

For The Donut Lovers

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*Donut* ya love this idea from bloggers Jodie and Jen? All you need are some tasty donuts (Krispy Kreme has our approval) and a printer. You can find the adorable printables over at their blog, at Eighteen25.

Photo: Eighteen25

Friendship Chokers

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Forget beaded friendship bracelets—amp it up this year by creating customized chokers for your friends. The best part of this craft is you can personalize each necklace to fit your girl's style. So grab your supplies, check out the tutorial, and embrace your inner '90s diva.

Picture Puzzle

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If a photo is worth a thousand words, then a photo Rubik's Cube is gotta be worth at least 2,000. We came across this genius idea over at the blog, Christy Robbins. She uses portraits, but you can pick pictures of the whole squad or some favorites with each girl. Either way, you get to give them a thoughtful and entertaining present.

Photo: Christy Robbins

Party Favors

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Are mason jars ever going out of style? We really don't think so. Take advantage of the hottest DIY trend and present your girls with some mixable cocktails from Something Turquoise. Whether they like Captain and Coke or they're more Kinky and Sprite, this gift will get your Galentine's party started!

Photo: Something Turquoise

Nailed It

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We certainly wouldn't mind getting nail polish, but we recommend taking this idea further by creating a signature color for your best friends—which is surprisingly easy with this video tutorial. Once you have your hues created, head over to Just Add Confetti for the free printable gift tag.

Photo: Just Add Confetti

Extra Cheese

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Okay, we are all for a cheesy valentine, but these cards from Take a Mega Bite deserve an award. In fact, we'd go so far as saying there a grate idea. She doesn't offer a printable, but you can create them by hand or on the computer—all you need are some witty cheese puns!

Photo: Take a Mega Bite

Bathroom Bliss

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Don't get us wrong, there's nothing wrong with a beautiful bath bomb. But if you want to really wow your friends, create these soap rocks from Rachel, the blogger of DIY in PDX. Just be sure you make a few extra for yourself.

Photo: DIY in PDX

Bombin' Balm

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If you're like us and living in a place where winter means fierce winds, give a gift that offers some relief from the bitter cold. Pick out their favorite lip balms (we love EOS right now) and head over to Simple as That for the punny printables that are sure to bring some smiles.

Photo: Simple as That

Girl's Night Supplies

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Get girls' night started right with these glam boxes from Your Southern Peach. With chocolate, beauty supplies and small bottles of booze, it's everything you need to throw an epic, adult slumber party.

Photo: Your Southern Peach

Decorative Jars

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The gift of decor is always great, especially when it doubles as storage like these vanity jars by Ling Yeung B. We recommend heading to the nearest thrift shop to find some unique ones. The rest is easy, just use a Sharpie to draw your designs. We adore the makeup-inspired look on this one, but the options are limitless!

Photo: Ling Yeung B

Memorable Messages

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We can't get over how precious these paper fortune cookies from DIY Design Fanatic look. The best part? You get to personalize every one. So go ahead, brush up on your origami, think up some tear-inducing messages, and get ready for an emotional Galentine's Day.

Photo: DIY Design Fanatic

Green Thumb

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The more we think about it, the more the idea of giving plants as valentines grows on us. They look pretty, especially with custom pots like these from Nest of Posies, and they suit any plant-lover.

Photo: Nest of Posies

Heavenly Scrub

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The sweet scent of strawberries and soothing powers of coconut oil make this sugar scrub completely heavenly. Get the full recipe from Totally the Bomb and get ready for some thank you notes.

Photo: Totally the Bomb

Campfire Bag

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Mini Hershey's, heart-shaped marshmallows, and graham crackers -- yup it's a campfire in a bag! Not to mention they are super easy to make, just pop your essentials into a Ziploc bag. You can get the printables, along with s'more ideas, from our friends at Little Peanut Mag.

Photo: Little Peanut Mag

Liquid Gold

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Okay, yes you can buy these over at Heart Sparkle Gifts on Etsy and they aren't expensive, but you can also easily make them yourself. Use painter's tape to outline your glitter section. Then dip the glass in glue, roll on the glitter, and let it dry. Stick on scrapbook letters, and finish off by gluing ribbons above the glitter. Bonus points for ribbons in your friends' favorite colors.

Photo: Etsy

Unique Notebooks

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For the writer in your life, create a mud cloth notebook. You'll need a paint pen, plain notebook, pencil, and spare piece of cardboard. You'll also want to use our best friend, Google, for some mud cloth design inspiration. Once you've got your supplies and pattern, follow this tutorial to create custom notebooks they're sure to adore.

Delicate Dishes

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These dishes from A Beautiful Mess work great for small trinkets like rings and bracelets. You'll have fun making them and your friends will love their feminine look. Win/win!

Photo: A Beautiful Mess

Clever Card

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If you want a more traditional valentine, this card design by Alison fits the bill. Head over to her blog, Oopsey Daisy, and print out your favorite template, or make one yourself if you prefer. Either way, just be sure you remember the chocolate heart candy.

Photo: Oopsey Daisy

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