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16 Crazy 'Beauty And The Beast' Products That Prove The Hype Is Real

The March 17 premiere of Disney's Beauty and the Beast live-action remake can't come soon enough, and we aren't the only ones wishing away time for it. Check out these 16 crazy products that show how hyped people are about the movie!

Hot Topic Belle Swim Wear

1 / 16


Sure, you might have to take your yellow gown lookalike dress off for the beach, but that doesn't mean you can't still flaunt your dedication while getting your sun on. The bottoms are even bustled to leave no doubts on which Disney Princess you truly are.

To buy: Hot Topic, $31.60 (top), $31.60 (bottoms)

Photo: Hot Topic

Belle Film Collection Doll

2 / 16


This official Belle Barbie Doll might have received a lot of flack for it's uncanny resemblance to Justin Bieber (and if we're being honest, we can definitely see the Biebs here), but we're mainly just stoked that Belle (Emma Watson) finally got her own doll!

To buy: Disney Store, $34.95

Photo: Disney Store

Beauty and the Beast Limited Edition Fine China Tea Set

3 / 16


Tea time just isn't the same without Ms. Potts and Chip. And we'll use these precious little tea cups to toast to the more sophisticated version that makes it socially-acceptable for us adults to enjoy tea with our favorite mother/son duo, too.

To buy: Disney Store, $249.95

Photo: Disney Store

Beauty and the Beast Gaston Night Light

4 / 16


Gaston might be our least favorite character (or our favorite villain!), but he makes a damn good night light. Now even when you wake up in the middle of the night, this light from LaserIsAsLaserDoes can be an instant reminder that the live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast isn't far away!

To buy: Etsy, $27

Photo: LaserIsAsLaserDoes | Etsy

Handpainted Shoes

5 / 16


Create your own tale as old a time in these gorgeous, handpainted heels from LapizCreativo. Albeit, the pricetag had us hesitating for a hot minute. But TBH, 'tis better to ask our checkbooks for forgiveness rather than permission.

To buy: Etsy, $408.72

Photo: LapizCreativo | Etsy

Vintage Syle Disney Posters

6 / 16


Make sure everyone who comes into your home knows that they're welcome with these posters that spell out "Be Our Guest" from MyChildishThings. These will also leave no doubt of your true devotion to the film from the second your company steps in the door.

To buy: Etsy, $14.99

Photo: MyChildishThings | Etsy

Custom Handpainted Sneakers

7 / 16


One-of-a-kind fans deserve one-of-a-kind shoes to show that fandom, and these customized sneakers by MadCandies are those shoes. Just look at the detail put into this incredible footwear. Truly no one will be able to match this level of dedication.

To buy: Etsy, $42+

Photo: MadCandies | Etsy

Belle Costume

8 / 16


By now, we've all seen the sneak peek at the opening scene of the upcoming live-action remake, and if you're saying Emma Watson didn't truly glow in her blue dress, you're lying. And now you can channel your inner Watson/Belle with FloraDesignsLLC handmade Belle Costume that comes in both child and adult. Let's be real, though. We might be ordering in adult sizes, but it's totally for our inner child.

To buy: Etsy, $299

Photo: FloraDesignsLLC | Etsy

Glass Flute Set

9 / 16


Toast to there being more than this provincial life with these elegant glass flutes. Have them personalized for a gift or yourself!

To buy: Disney Store, $75

Photo: Disney Store

Juicy Couture "Stained Glass Rose" Embellished Robertson Jacket

10 / 16


This Juicy Couture jacket is embellished with over 5,300 Swarovski crystals. Because of course we need a ~$700 bedazzled sweatshirt to show our love for Belle on lazy Saturday mornings.

To buy: Juicy Couture, $698

Photo: Juicy Couture

Lumiere Be Our Guest Serving Platter

11 / 16


We'd love to serve up a course of our Beauty and the Beast obsession with this fun, ceramic serving platter. Besides, it's impossible to have anything but a great time with Lumiere in company.

To buy: Disney Store, $24.99

Photo: Disney Store

Beauty and the Beast-inspired Disney Cruise

12 / 16


Costumes, custom-made shoes, and lamps just won't do if you're a true fanatic. If this is the case, thank goodness for Adventure By Disney's Beauty and the Beast-inspired cruises on the Rhine River. Canoeing, a wood-working museum, zip-lining, and B&B karaoke are all included in the trip! Because what's a cruise without a good "Be Our Guest" sing-along?

To buy: Adventures By Disney, $3,000-$5,000/person

Photo: Adventures By Disney

Jamberry 'Unexpected Romance'

13 / 16


Reflect your love for the Beauty and the Beast remake directly on your nails with Jamberry's 'Unexpected Romance' nails. Your pointers will look gorgeous as you tap your nails in constant anticipation of the premiere.

To buy: Jamberry, $18

Photo: Jamberry

Le Creuset Beauty and the Beast Soup Pot

14 / 16


Sure, our other soup pots might work just fine, but do they have "Be Our Guest" engraved on the handle, or enchanting roses designed on the top that show our true dedication to Belle and her friends? No. And besides, we hear the food will even taste more like royalty when it's finished.

To buy: Williams-Sonoma, $280

Photo: Williams-Sonoma

Disney Beauty and the Beast Replica Hand Mirror

15 / 16


If these Disney Beauty and the Beast Replica Hand Mirrors weren't out of stock already, we would have definitely made them that way and gone totally broke in the process. You can never have too many hand mirrors, right?

To buy: Hot Topic, $24.90

Photo: Hot Topic

Twinings Beauty and the Beast Tea

16 / 16


While drinking out of Mrs. Potts and Chip lookalike tea sets is great and all, drinking actual B&B-inspired tea is about as good as it gets. Will you be able to tell the difference from regular tea? Probably not. But is it still worth it? Absolu-tea-ly.

To buy: Twinings Tea, $4 (box of 20)

Photo: @happygeekgirl | Instagram

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