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17 Wonderful Things That Will Make You Feel Like A True Gilmore Girl

We are beyond excited to see Lorelai, Rory, and the rest of the Gilmore Girls cast return to Netflix this month (!!!). To amp up the excitement, we rounded up a few of our favorite Stars Hollow-inspired pieces that you'll love. Grab your cup of coffee (or five), and see what you'll want to pick up now.

Team Dean? Team Jess? Team Logan?

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There is obviously a right choice (ahem, Team Jess), and with all three guys returning to the Netflix revival, it's clear that you'll need to make your pick. Luckily these Urban Tee Farm tees are the perfect way to rep your side.

To buy: $24, Urban Tee Farm

Photo: Urban Tee Farm

Stars Hollow Tote

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Stars Hollow is our dream city, and we might as well show all the love with this tote bag from GenuineDesignCo. Although the town may technically be fictional, it'll always be one of our favorite places.

To buy: $19.99, Etsy

Photo: Etsy | GenuineDesignCo

Girls Of Gilmore Tee

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Gilmore Girls fans know that the hit show has some of the best, most witty female characters. Show some love with this rad Urban Tee Farm tee featuring all of our favorites.

To buy: $24, Urban Tree Farm

Photo: Urban Tee Farm

Rory, Dean, Jess, and Logan Earrings

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These earrings from TheFoxyHipster are everything. Pick out your fave pairing by repping your choice earring. (Or 'ship Logan and Jess, you do you.) It's a bit sassy — and we love it.

To buy: $16.00, Etsy

Photo: Etsy | TheFoxyHipster

Luke's Diner Mugs

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OK, so we may not actually be able to stop by Luke's Diner (and we're especially upset that we weren't able to make it to a pop-up), but these mugs available by BethLynnDesigns are just like the real thing, and we absolutely love it. Can't you just picture Lorelai drinking from one of these? *sighs*

To buy: $13, Etsy

Photo: Etsy | BethLynnDesigns

Dynamic Duo Mugs

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And we couldn't leave you with one coffee-cup inspired piece of merchandise. Knowing how much Rory and Lorelai loved their coffee, these mother/daughter mugs from HenryAndPenny are all you'll need to watch the Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.

To buy: $17.50, Etsy

Photo: Etsy | HenryAndPenny

Vicious Trollop Gloss

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This Urban Tee Farm lip balm consists of a few of our favorite things. The infamous Vicious Trollop coloring, plus an amazing orange-vanilla flavor. Seriously, what more could we ask for?

To buy: $5.25, Urban Tree Farm

Photo: Urban Tee Farm

In Omnia Paratus Tee

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Ready for anything? In Omnia Paratus means a whole lot more after seeing Rory take a leap of faith, and this Urban Tee Farm tee is everything we need to last as a reminder that we should always be up for anything.

To buy: $24, Urban Tree Farm

Photo: Urban Tee Farm

Gilmore Girls Bracelet

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Ah, does this just bring back all the memories? This bracelet from CharmingKatesCo has charms for every iconic piece of the show: Lorelei's Dragonfly Inn, Rory's book from Black-White-Read, Luke's pick-up truck and, of course, a cup of coffee!

To buy: $15, Etsy

Photo: Etsy | CharmingKatesCo

Write Like Rory

10 / 17


You'll be writing as pretty as Rory with these beautiful pencils from LifeisRosier. Plus, there's no arguing that you'll love these like Lorelai loves coffee...

To buy: $12, Etsy

Photo: Etsy | LifeisRosier

Lorelai Tee

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Lorelai is witty, talkative and an all-around amazing female role model. Basically, nothing sums it up better than this Urban Tee Farm tee.

To buy: $24, Urban Tee Farm

Photo: Urban Tee Farm

Gilmore Girls Candle

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This candle is everything any Gilmore Girls fan needs. The 3-layered candle by PickMeCups is filled with Rory and Lorelai's all-time favorites: coffee, pancakes, and Pop-Tarts. Who's hungry? We sure are.

To buy: $18, Etsy

Photo: Etsy | PickMeCups

I Drink Coffee Like A Gilmore Girl

13 / 17


We are seriously obsessed with this MadisonAveCases find. It's uber chic and 100 percent true (obviously).

To buy: $23, Etsy

Photo: Etsy | MadisonAveCases

Chilton Patch

14 / 17


Want to amp up your fall jacket? This Chilton patch from JennisPrints is everything you need to kick it up a notch — and pretend you were sitting beside Paris and Rory in class.

To buy: $8, Etsy

Photo: Etsy | JennisPrints

Gilmore Girls Where You Lead Theme Wall Print

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The theme song is bound to be running through your mind. So there's nothing better than an adorable print, like this one from raincityprints, to hang on your wall to sing along with.

To buy: $16.84, Etsy

Photo: Etsy

Gilmore Girls Eyeshadow

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Following in the footsteps of some already ah-mazing Gossip Girl-inspired beauty products, Brija Cosmetics has created the ultimate eyeshadow colors that are seriously swoon-worthy. Each shade is representative of a character. (A light mauve for Emily’s Vicious Trollop, a warm, red-brown for Dean’s First Kiss.) We adore this.

To buy: $1.45-$93.50 Brija Cosmetics

Photo: Brija Cosmetics

Gilmore Girls Nail Polish

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Nvr Enuff is making our nail dreams come true. They are currently selling four Gilmore Girls-inspired polishes (Oy! With the poodles already, Jam Hands!, Coffee With My Oxygen and Vicious Trollop). With these glittery polishes, we’ll be ready to head to Stars Hollow in no time at all.

To buy: $35, Nvr Enuff

Photo: Nvr Enuff

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