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Another Important 'Gilmore Girls' Fact Released that Will Make You Even More Excited for the Epic Revival

Buckle up Gilmore fans, Lauren Graham just gave us some pretty juicy details.

All right so here's what we know about the Gilmore Girls revival: 

1. It will be split into four, 90-minute, episodes based around the four seasons

2. Our favorite characters are back, even Melissa McCarthy as Sookie and Rory's first love, Dean, played once again by Jared Padalecki

3. It will be the best revival (sorry Fuller House) EVER!

Okay, maybe the last one is a stretch, but c'mon we can't help get excited about reuniting with the vivacious (and always caffeinated) Lorelai Gilmore, her determined daughter Rory and their entertaining friends. And now, thanks to Lauren Graham, we can stop calling it "The Gilmore Girls revival" and start calling it...*drumroll please*...

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

Yup that's right, it finally has a name, and great one considering the four episodes are about each season. Graham released the title during her guest appearance on Ellen. And we finally have a poster, which is pretty much everything we expected it to be.

Not only did she drop the name bomb, but a teary-eyed Graham also opened up about how much the revival—er sorry—Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, means to her. "First of all it's been the most incredible experience," Graham told Ellen. "I cry trying to talk about it, because I feel so lucky to get to do it."

Graham also knows who's to thank for the resurrection of Lorelai.

"Netflix had to be invented, you guys had to want it back. Which... Thank you!"

And want it we do. There are so many questions. Will Lorelai marry Luke? What's Rory been up to? Did Jess and Dean grow out of their feud? What about Logan? Paris? AH! 

Alyssa K. Priebe

Alyssa is an Iowa native who's always loved fashion and found a passion for journalism while studying at Iowa State University. When she's not writing for More, you can find her watching Disney movies, crafting, and snapping adorable pics of her cats, Rory and Widget.

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