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An Olympic-Worthy Ranking of the Best and Worst Rio 2016 Uniforms

Before the best Olympic athletes in the world compete for the medals, they have to strut their stuff in their official, patriotic ceremony attire.

The 2016 Parade of Nations will feature the greatest athletes the world has to offer, but before these sports stars can even compete for hardware, they have to earn their fashion medals. We've awarded the bronze, silver and gold to the best and the worst Olympic uniforms you'll be seeing this year.

The Best

1. France


#SupportWithStyle avec la collection France Olympique.

A photo posted by Lacoste (@lacoste) on

France looks undeniably chic in their attire designed exclusively by French sportswear label Lacoste. Who wouldn't want a tri-colored alligator on a polo? They earned their gold medal.

2. Sweden

Swedish label H&M created these uber-cool looks for Team Sweden. We're obsessed with those running leggings, to be honest. We're giving them the gold to match their yellow.

3. South Korea

Team South Korea Rio Uniform

We must commend South Korea for this tailored, preppy look. Hopefully those blazers don't get too hot in the Brazilian heat–but we'll award them the silver.

4. Great Britain

Stella McCartney and Adidas collaborated to make these super-cool uniforms for Team GB. We're giving them a silver, but they could easily win some golds in this getup.

5. Italy

We're really feeling Italy's fitted sportswear attire (and Armani can do no wrong). They earn a solid bronze from our judging table.

6. Canada

Oh Canada, you really nailed your Olympic apparel this year. We're giving you a well-deserved bronze for excellent leaf incorporation.

The Worst

1. China

Dubbed "fried eggs and tomatoes", China's opening ceremony outfit is certainly a sight to behold. They take a gold for one of the worst color combos ever.

2. Germany

Team Germany Rio Uniform

With German athletic giant Adidas heading their apparel, Germany should not be wearing neon puffer jackets to the summer games. Unfortunately, they earned a gold medal for sporting the wrong season.

3. USA

Someone needs to explain why Team USA is wearing boat shoes to Rio. Are we docking our yacht there? Also, the back appears to have some sort of reflective material going on. Yikes. The red, white and blue takes a silver for this nautical-traffic cone ensemble.

4. Spain

We are glad Spain isn't sporting bright yellow this year, but these uniforms are definitely ripped from a flight attendant. Spain receives a silver for questionable taste.

5. Australia

Team Australia Rio Uniforms

While we appreciate a seersucker blazer, Australia's green and white gear is visually affronting. The land down under is taking home a bronze for some not-so-hopping outfits.

While we're not the biggest fan of this year's nautical look, we still can't wait to cheer on Team USA at the 2016 Olympics. Which look was your favorite?

Bethany Lozier

Bethany is a content creation guru at the Meredith Corporation. Her main passions include fangirling over Leonardo DiCaprio, French culture and fashion. When not perusing the Internet or writing, she can be found reading magazines and socializing with the best of 'em.

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