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You Can Now Explore Westeros from 'Game of Thrones' in 360-Degree Detail

Finally all of our geographic confusion can come to an end. 

From King's Landing to Dorne, Game of Thrones fans now have a chance to explore the world of Westeros in 360-degree glory. As always, GOT creators have gone out of their way to get fans more excited than ever for the highly anticipated sixth season of the show that airs April 24th. By simply toggling the screen of the high-tech interactive video above, viewers can easily meander past landmarks like The Shivering Sea, Winterfell, The Wall and Meereen.

If you're an avid reader of the Game of Thrones series, you know that half your time is spent flipping through the maps in the front of the book trying to make sense of where on earth everyone is going. And even then it's hard to get proper bearings. If you've only watched the show, we feel for you because the only point of reference you really have is the iconic intro that, let's be real, most of us end up fast forwarding through. Either way, if you are really trying to brush up on your Westeros geography, you now have a chance to dive into a virtual reality to get your fix. Happy exploring!

Faith Brar

Faith is an Editorial/Social Media Assistant at Meredith Corporation from Boston. Her work has appeared in Shape, Fitness, Better Homes and Gardens, More and others. When not writing, Faith can be seen pounding a bag of Jalapeno chips, online shopping, out on a run or binge watching murder mysteries on Netflix with her main squeeze.

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