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Red Carpet Recap: 47th Annual ACM Awards

We've come to expect big things from the red carpet at the Academy of Country Music Awards, specifically big hair and big, colorful dresses. But this year, the fashion choices were a little more subdued; the hair wasn't as poofy, the dresses were slimming, and the bright colors were done in moderation. Join us as we applaud the country music stars (most of them anyway) for this year's better taste in fashion. It's almost as good as their music.

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert

1 / 11

Blake’s “Honey Bee” looks buzzing in that gold dress while Blake looks dapper sporting a blue jacket and vest with jeans. _Photo source: FameFlynet_

Taylor Swift

2 / 11

Although we could do without the Star Trek-y gold semi-circle at the bottom of this dress, we adore this white gown with cut-out sides on Ms. Swift. She looks so grown up with her straight hair, bangs, and smoky-eye makeup. When did Taylor go from pretty little princess to proper sexpot? _Photo source: FameFlynet_

The Band Perry

3 / 11

Yikes. We wish we could jump back into the seventies with these fellas, then maybe we’d be feeling the velvet suit and shag haircut. Maybe even the patterned scarf would get us feeling groovy. But unfortunately, we can’t. At least singer Kimberly Perry’s dress somewhat makes up for their fashion no-no. The intricate detail is pretty as is the tulle bottom, but the color is very boring. These siblings need a little help in the fashion department. _Photo source: FameFlynet_


4 / 11

Speaking of color, hubba-hubba! Sugarland singer Jennifer Nettles looks amazing in this bright coral dress with a neon green belt around her waist. Applause, all around! _Photo source: FameFlynet_

Sara Evans

5 / 11

Country singer Sara Evans should’ve taken a cue from fellow singer Jennifer Nettles on how to wear bright color properly. This neon pink color is definitely a tad bit off. _Photo source: FameFlynet_

Nicole Kidman

6 / 11

Very classy, like the lady herself. _Photo source: FameFlynet_

Carrie Underwood

7 / 11

This getup is pretty typical for Carrie. The girl loves showing some leg and it’s not hard to see why. _Photo source: FameFlynet_

Beth Behrs

8 / 11

Although Beth Behrs has nothing to do with country music and was there purely as ACM’s Social Media Reporter, we do enjoy her dress. Good enough. _Photo source: FameFlynet_

LeAnn Rimes

9 / 11

The longer we stare at this dress, the more confused we get. Is that mesh? Are those polka dots? Are those swirls in the white trim? What’s going on with her hair? When one has to ask so many questions about an outfit, you know you’ve missed the mark. _Photo source: FameFlynet_

Miranda Lambert’s After-Party Dress

10 / 11

We have to admit, we actually like this dress better than the gold gown she donned at the actual awards. She shines in this minidress. Maybe it’s because she and hubby Blake Shelton both won awards? Either way, it works for us. _Photo source: FameFlynet_

Rascal Flatts

11 / 11

We’re not totally feeling their off-kilter fashion choices, but we do commend them for trying something besides a black suit and tie. Oh, those rascals. _Photo source: FameFlynet_ Related Stories: "Spring Style: Have a Shoegasm!": "New Bridal Line Offers Vintage Charm": "Take Our Celebrity Gossip Quiz":

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