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Everyone Needs a Maid named Alice

Several weeks ago, I was watching Clark Howard on CNN. He was doing a report on a web site titled Remember Alice the maid from the Brady Bunch; that is where they claim to have gotten the name.

He was gushing, almost, so I had to go and find out what he was talking about. Okay here is the deal with ALICE. It is a shopping web site that automatically deducts coupons from manufactures off of your order, pack and ship for free. He was saying that he did a comparison and was surprised that he could not find lower prices in retail grocery stores. So of course, I had to try it. It was late one Friday evening when I went to the site. Placed an order and waited. On Monday afternoon, a huge box arrived. Inside was everything I had ordered. The only problem was how to get this in my house. I had ordered things like 100 ounces of liquid Tide.
Just basically staples. I now have trash bags, shampoo, snacks, coffee ... you get the idea. The things we need but hate to carry into the house. So far I have not found any frozen, fresh, vegetables or anything like that. I have found nuts, cereal bars, cereal, toliet paper, paper towels, etc. And yes IT DID WORK. If there is a coupon associated with an item it was deducted as said, no shipping costs as said.

Being disabled this came as a blessing to me. So I just HAD to pass on my positive review with others looking for ways to save money, time, energy, gas, etc. It just worked. They also have a reminder section for you to select (if you want) how often you may need to reorder, and they will remind you. No commitments, no hassle.

Just as a full statement, I AM NOT EMPLOYEED by, have no interest whatsoever, and am just a sixty-one-year-old woman who can’t shop like I used to.