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A Fashion Model’s Blog

I want to build myself a store on Eaton’s Newport Beach in California, where you will see the crystal blue waters and people pacing its green meadows. Yes, my store will be very unique, and much different from the traditional clothing and jewelry stores. In fact, my store will be a clothing, jewelery, and fashion store all in one. Not only will I sell the merchandise, but people who come to my store will be styled by a hired stylist who will offer services to them, and all other clients who want to get a complete makeover. For instance, if you were one of my customers, I would appoint you to one of my hired stylists to interview you first to determine the kind of image you want to have, then my stylist would show you a booklet with photos of hair, dresses, the different outfits to match the hair, the kind of fragrance that is right for you, and the best jewelery to wear. My stylist would also apply the right makeup after giving you a facial. My store will also be a hybrid between a tanning salon and a massage parlor. After establishing these services, I will build another department section to the back of my store which will be a cafe and coffee shop, where my clients could go to for a cup of coffee after they have gotten their makeover. There, they would sit down and mingle with other clients while they are drinking coffee with their cupcake or sandwich, listen to the music over the radio station, and look through a few of the available fashion magazines. My store will be equivalent to a clubhouse for fashion models, and membership would only be granted through initiation. And that initiation is a short process. 

First requirement: You must be a career-oriented model, but not necessarily an accomplished one. In other words, you will not have to be connected to a modeling agent or a designer—my stylists will possess those creative gifts.

Second requirement: You must be between the age bracket of eighteen to thirty-five.

Third requirement: You must be a club member of Toastmasters International, an educational organization headquartered in Rancho Santa Margarita, You have to have good public speaking and leadership skills to promote yourself as a fashion model.

My clients will have to be serious about their image, confident in their creative talents, and have the desire to be fashionably competitive with a standard of not only wanting to beat the latest fashion trends, but the desire to create them. My customers will be serious shoppers who are willing to invest in glamour products. My suppliers will have the best materials and interior for clothing made by top of the line designers.

A Gangster’s Novel (Part Two)
This is a story about an old time former Italian gangster who is pretty much retired. He is typically a mild-mannered man who’s compassionate toward others, but lives in a social high class environment where fame and luxury are commonplace. In his early years, he was a rival gang member of an elite mob who infiltrated rival gangs in Mexico in the 1950s. His life took a turn around after he was spared by one of his combatants after being held up at gunpoint, and he was given a proposal that if he chose to surrender and work for his rivals, then his life would be spared. After doing so, he ended up making huge amounts of capital, trade, and mercantile. The only way out of the gang was to give up half of his assets as a requirement for one who wanted to resign their duty and become non-affiliated with a gang. He now lives in a seven bedroom cottage mansion located in Beverly Hills, California, which he bought for $38.4 million. The landscape was made and formed to more of a mini-apartment duplex style—with sunbathing roofs that have pink and white ceiling light fans hanging down from the inside of the mansion’s walls.

His name is Leonardo V. Geronimo III. He is the epitome of glamour and luxury. He owns four cars for four different occasions. The first car he owns is a Ferrari Enzo, having a value of $1 million, but he bought it for $670,000. He only uses it to enter into car shows and contests. Geronimo also owns two Cayenne Porsche’s he only drives when he is going to the bars in San Diego to socialize and gamble with close companions. The bar waitresses love his appearance, because they know that he spends a lot, and his tips alone are usually $60 a piece. That’s if he isn’t being generous, and the tips do get higher when he is having a good night. The last car he owns is a Koenigsegg CCX with the value of $545,568. This car he uses for driving to businesses he bought and owned, and some of which he inherited from his father, Raffaello Nuncio II. He owns a manufacturing company that processes fabrics and fabric products for some of the world’s top fashion designers in Puerto Rico. He also manages a modeling consultation firm in that same city, including a clothes cleaning business for clients who buy his suits.  And lastly, he is a superior agent of those who sell his franchise line of scent fragrances as a side job. His fragrances are sold under four different labels, and contracted out to several clothing stores throughout the United States and Japan. His girlfriend, who lives with him, works for him also. She is half Italian and half Polish, and in her early forties. She manages his makeup and tanning shop in Orange County. Geronimo is one of best sellers, and one of the biggest icons, and yet, he tries to keep himself distant from the public in order to avoid media interrogators. 

When Geronimo is driving his Koenigsegg CCX car to the work sites, he’s checking up on his employees, clients and customers to make sure that his businesses are running smoothly. He keeps his briefcase in the trunk with business forms, in case he ventures into more potential money-making opportunities. He always wears a suit to work, and among them, having a choice between four different styles, The Italian style suit which is a double breasted suit, is usually a good choice for very tall men. The British style suit, such as a single-breasted suit, gives off a more regal look than its counterparts. The American style suit, or the more relaxed of the other ones, gives off a younger image. Lastly, the Mandarin suit, the most unique of the four, is influenced by more traditional Eastern cultures.

Keeping up with the cutting edge of fashion was his competitive goal, and was quite often a manifestation of his high self-esteem. Geronimo’s clients were mainly wealthy consumers looking for something fashionable, but yet conservative. His suits consisted of a collectible range for suit lovers, and somewhat of a wide selection of two and three piece classics. The Material is usually spun-wool with a spin of around super one hundreds or better. You won’t find anything over the top in this collection. However, blacks, blues, grays, and tans are available on most of his models. His next brand line is more of a modern style brand, grounded in tradition, and these suits are very light on the body, but yet versatile and stylish. His other line of dressy pants were made to match with whatever his customers were wearing. Geronimo’s hired stylists do more than just build clientele—they recommend them to his clothes cleaning business for the best care. They also recommend them to his line of fragrances. A lot of them are referred to Geronimo’s modeling consultant services. The purpose is not only to build revenue for Geronimo, but to also help Geronimo’s clients leverage their career resources while pursuing a freelance fashion modeling career. Most of his clients pay for services at his own makeup and tanning shop also.