10 Purses Every Girl Needs In Her Closet

by Sierra Burgos

10 Purses Every Girl Needs In Her Closet

Just like you need shoes for different occasions, you need a variety of purses for any situation. Sometimes you need a lightweight handbag, and other times you need one big enough to fit the whole kitchen sink. Here are 10 types of purses every woman should have in her closet.


The Everyday Bag



Everyone needs a go-to purse they can use every day—choose something in a neutral color so no matter what you’re wearing, your go-to bag will match. We’re loving the buttery tan color of Maya’s purse on Charmingly Styled. Gather all your basics (for me, it’s my wallet, my keys, a pair of sunglasses, gum, and a mini notebook and pen) to see how big or small your everyday bag should be.


The Roomy Tote



If you’re an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink kinda gal, this is the bag for you. You’ll be able to fit everything and anything you might need: makeup, snacks, a book, you name it. Hayley from Blondie in the City styled her checkered bag with a simple black sweater and jeans.


The Crossbody



Crossbody purses come in handy when you’re out on the town or exploring the city with your girls. They’re lightweight and hands-free, so you can take all the photos you please without having to say “hold my purse.” Try pairing your crossbody bag with white jeans and a checkered top like Ruya from Sweet, Short, & Stylish did.


The Statement Bag



Statement bags can be badass and fun if you do them right. Start with a plain outfit: avoid busy patterns or wild colors and let your purse steal the attention. We love how Julia from Gal Meets Glam matched her kitten purse with an off-the-shoulder top and sunny hat. Look for bags with unique stitching, textures, words or shapes.


The Clutch



We’re obsessed with this cheetah print clutch Rach featured on her blog, Pink Peonies. A clutch purse can come in handy especially for formal events—this animal print handbag would look gorgeous with a dress, too. If you’re not crazy about the pattern, look for one in a simple color that’ll match anything in your closet.


The Designer Purse



Most of my purses are lucky goodwill finds or clearance rack gems, but nothing beats splurging on a brand new, high quality purse. For your next birthday (or your next un-birthday) treat yourself and buy a designer purse you’re obsessed with, like this Kate Spade beauty featured on Orchids and Oxfords. It’ll be worth the money when you use it every day, and it’ll last you forever.


The Backpack for Grown Ups



Whether you’re lugging books to class or going on a bike ride by the beach, an adult backpack will prove useful. Ditch the Jansport and reach for a faux leather one—you’ll look more professional, put together, and carrying your things will be a breeze. Jess from Jess Ann Kirby paired her backpack with a casual striped dress for summer.


The Weekend Duffel



A duffel bag is perfect for short weekend getaways or a quick night away from home. The best part is that it doesn’t have to match your entire wardrobe, so go wild and pick a fun design or color that’ll make your bag stand out. Just make sure you look for a good quality bag with sturdy straps that’ll hold even the heaviest of loads, like Kate from Lonestar Southern.


The Work Satchel



Depending on your job, it’s a good idea to have a purse specifically to take to work. You’ll want a structured bag that’s big enough to hold your laptop, portfolio, notes, or whatever else you may need. If you normally wear neutral colors to work, you could spice up your look by picking a vivid color like this cornflower blue bag from Southern Pearls & Curls.


The Going-Out Purse



And finally, every woman should own a handbag they can take to parties or to the bar. You want a bag that’s cute yet durable, so even if it gets spilled on, you’re in the clear. Pick a simple, no-fuss style like a crossbody in a darker color like black or maroon. We love how Grace from A Southern Drawl styles this one with a lace-up sweater and dark jeans.