11 Gorgeous Leg Tattoos We’re Lusting Over

by admin

11 Gorgeous Leg Tattoos We’re Lusting Over

Ink is in, and so are leg tattoos. We love the visually stunning and colorful creations tattoo artists are coming up with. Check out some of our favorites.


Fabulous Florals



We love the way these flowers compliment and contrast each other with different colors and styles. Who wouldn’t want some sun(flower)shine with them with every step?


Divine Dream Catcher



We love how this stunning tattoo could pay tribute to the wearer’s Native American heritage. The artist paid such incredible attention to detail that you can practically feel the feathers popping out of the picture.


Watercolor Work of Art



This rose watercolor rose design looks like it would be just as at home on canvas in a museum as it is here. It’s a work of art—and who doesn’t want to be associated with that?


Artsy Elephant



As far as elephant leg tattoos go, we’re pretty crazy about this one. It’s bold and simple in all the right ways, and we love how the artist was able to incorporate delicate flowers into the design.


Magnificent Mandala City



We love colorful leg tattoos, and this one is absolutely gorgeous. The floating city fades seamlessly into an intricate mandala design, and the faded, watered down color choice makes this tat look even more whimsical.


Bold In Black



This tattoo totally fits her aesthetic, and we wish it was a part of ours. The design is intricate and delicate—the perfect body art combination.


Pretty With Peter Pan



We’re suckers for all things Disney, so it’s no surprise this elaborate Peter Pan tattoo caught our eye. It’s a wonderful reminder to stay young at heart.


Artsy Anchor



Anchors make for popular tattoos, but we love the twist on this one. The colorful design is pretty and soft, which isn’t what we usually associate with anchors—but it works, and it works well.


Blue Beauty



The artist behind this tattoo doesn’t usually work with color, but we think he knocked this one out of the park. We love how the smudgey blues look with the geometric shapes and lines drawn over them.


Tiny And Tasteful



This tattoo is a gorgeous, and a great reminder that tattoos don’t have to be big to be striking. We love this simple yet impactful design.


Tattooed With Talent



This tattoo is pretty in its own right, and it’s a great testament to how talented tattoo artists can be. Meanwhile, we can barely stay in the lines in our adult coloring books.