15 Badass Products For Women Who Are So Over The Unicorn Trend

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15 Badass Products For Women Who Are So Over The Unicorn Trend

It's totally obvious that the unicorn trend dominated 2016. With unicorn-inspired hair and highlighter (and even hot chocolate!), we rounded up some products for the wearer who is not totally feeling the Lisa Frank-inspired trend.


Slytherin-Inspired Brushes, $39.99



These Slytherin-inspired brushes may not be driven by the mystical unicorn trend, but they have their own special kind of magic. Better yet? You don’t even have to be a wizard to give these brushes a whirl, we promise.

To buy: $39.99, Target


Onyx Ice Skin Frost, $29



Sure, we loved the unicorn-inspired highlighter — and agree it looked ah-mazing on everybody. However, this Jeffree Star skin frost is drawing us in. The deep shade is perfect for blending into a shadow — or, if you’re daring, rocking as a standout highlighter.

To buy: $29, Jeffree Star Cosmetics


Vampire Kiss Lipstick, $18



There’s nothing better than a deep, dark lip, especially during the winter months. Try the deep maroon shade from Too Cool For School — the “vampire” inspiration is everything we love.

To buy: $18, Sephora


Over The Moon Skater Skirt, $53



This skirt is perfectly fun — minus the color. Keep it neutral by rocking black on top, or add a bit of color to let this skirt really shine. Just because you’re over unicorns doesn’t mean you can’t add a fun skirt to your wardrobe.

To buy: $53, Killstar


Matte Black Nails, $12



Lacking the glimmer of the powder dip nails, and without the shine of the glow-in-the-dark nails, these matte coffin nails are everything you need to match your aesthetic.

To buy: $12, Etsy


Good Vibes Only, $80



Don’t feel afraid to rock some color. The light-washed denim jacket with a slight pop of color is perfect for anyone with color commitment issues.

To buy: $80, Dolls Kill


Combat Boots, $30



A classic pair of black boots are enough to walk away from the unicorn trend with ease. Plus, you can rock them with almost any outfit. Sign us up for a pair, stat!

To buy: $30.00, Tobi


Cursed Nail Polish, $3.50



Cast a spell with this wickedly cool nail polish. Perks, of course, are given to the rad bottle as well. What’s not to love?

To buy: $3.50, Hot Topic


Scream and Tout Tights, $6.99



These tights are anything but traditional, and the intricate design literally rocks. They’re a standout in the best way possible.

To buy: $6.99, Modcloth


“Cat” Eye Sunglasses, $7.90



Just because you may not be a fan of the unicorn trend doesn’t mean you’re opposed to everything cheery. These actual cat eye sunglasses are the next thing you’ll want to add to your list before heading to warmer temps.

To buy: $7.90, Forever 21


Velvet Choker, $25



Sure, velvet can be played up to the extreme, with every color under the sun. But simply pair a deep-colored choker with your fave ensemble, and you’re good to go.

To buy: $25, Nasty Gal


Coffin Dress, $38.43



Let’s up it to the extreme. This dress rocks a stylish Peter Pan collar, and the print is to die for.

To buy: $38.43, Hot Topic


Witching Hour Lipstick, $21.99



It may not be pastel and shimmery, but MAC’s Brooke Candy Collection lipstick in Witching Hour is the bold hue we whole heartedly support.

To buy: $21.99, Jet


No Bad Hair Days Dad Hat, $20



Okay, okay, so we might have bad hair days. There’s nothing like this dad hat in our perfect shade to keep those unruly locks under control.

To buy: $20, Good Dye Young


Deep, Dark Smokey Eye Palette, $25



Instead of painting your eyes with shades of pink and green, stick with a deep, dark smokey eye and a palette filled with all the grays and blacks that you’ll need.

To buy: $25, Sephora