15 of the Best Halloween Costumes Inspired by Tim Burton

by Alisha Humiston

15 of the Best Halloween Costumes Inspired by Tim Burton

This Halloween go all out and recreate one of your favorite Tim Burton characters. Whether you’re into Edward Scissorhands or Coraline, we’ve got you covered.




tim burton beetlejuice costume


Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice! Instagramer @geekchicsuperfreak pulls off this Halloween Beetlejuice look with ease. When recreating do so in a way that also flatters you rather than getting caught up on the technicalities.



Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


Wonka Cosplay


Recreate Burton’s whimsical take on 2005’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with this Willy Wonka costume. You’ll need a top hat, long red jacket, white sunglasses, and a bedazzled cane to pull it off as well as this costume from World Cosplay.


Edward Scissorhands



Last minute look for your guy? Instagramer @elysian995 pulls off the somber Edward Scissorhands with a basic white button down to focus on the makeup aspect of the look, scissors are optional.


The Mayor



Use this Halloween costume in a Nightmare Before Christmas-duo look to be more recognizable. Instagramer @artrhapsody pulls all the stops by including so many of the props.


Jack Skellington



Instagramer @dave_tuner_ah scares the competition away with this Nightmare Before Christmas costume. You should only take on iconic Jack Skellington if you are devoted to it… Once you go Jack, you can’t go back!


Corpse Bride



A corpse bride never looked so good! Recreate instagramer @tobymichaelfx‘s look with a bottle of blue face paint, a wig, and false eyelashes—voila.


Tim Burtonesque



Can’t decided on a character? Recreate this general Tim Burton-inspired look by YouTuber Michelle Phan. In her tutorial she shows you how to get the signature eerie Tim Burton look without comitting to a particular movie.


The Mad Hatter



Calling all gingers, work with what you’ve got! Instagramer @blushdaysspasalon owns the Mad Hatter look while still managing to show off her facial features.


Queen of Hearts



Born to rule? Instagram user @indiablex makes the Queen of Hearts makeup look like a cinch. When choosing your outfit, focus solely on the original colors in the movie to put a modern spin on it. (Or you could always get an epic Queen of Hearts costume to really stand out.)


Chesire Cat



YouTuber Midnight Vampage shares a step-by-step tutorial showing you how to get this ferocious makeup look inspired by Tim Burton’s take on Alice in Wonderland. Complete the look with a Cheshire Cat costume.


The Joker



Why so serious? In case you forgot, Tim Burton definitely took on the Batman franchise, in the 1989 film. Instagramer @latino_joker recreates Jack Nicholson’s Joker to a tee. When going for this look the main aspect to focus on is the color. Details are important, but they aren’t everything.





YouTuber blndsundoll4mj shows you how to get Angelique’s signature look from Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows film. In the tutorial, she not only shows you the makeup look, she also shows how to get a similar hair style as well as outfit inspiration for the costume.


Nightmare Before Christmas



Looking to go a little more subtle? Try this Nightmare Before Christmas inspired eye makeup look for a lightly festive look. YouTuber TheEmanueleCastelli makes it look like a breeze in her step by step tutorial video.


Mrs. Lovett



YouTuber Loepsie shows you how to get Mrs. Lovett’s hair and makeup look from Sweeney Todd. Pair this with a lace black dress to top off the look.


Tim Burton Inpsired



YouTuber Emma Pickles takes you step by step on how to achieve the hair and makeup of this Tim Burton-inspired look. Add a lace dress of any color and you’re ready for the night.