15 Cheap Costume Ideas That Require Minimal Funds And Maximal Fun

by More.com Editors

15 Cheap Costume Ideas That Require Minimal Funds And Maximal Fun

You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to have a fabulous Halloween costume. We found scary cheap costume ideas that will make you look like a million bucks.


Having a great costume doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money; you just need to get creative. And if you’re also in a time crunch on top of that, you’ll be relieved to know we’ve found 15 last-minute halloween costumes that require minimal to no effort. From DIY Halloween costumes to ones using items you already own, these cheap costume ideas are no-brainers.


1. DIY Sushi Costume



This DIY Halloween costume is good enough to eat! Throw on a basic white dress, strap a salmon colored pillow to your back, add on strips of white tape, and a headband with some scrunched up felt condiments! The saying “You are what you eat” has never been more true for sushi lovers!



Get the Look! Pillow, $18.99; Ribbon, $9.99; Headband, $3.43; Felt, $8

2. Morton Salt Girl Halloween Costume




Searching for last-minute homemade costume ideas on the eve of Halloween is super stressful. Stop panicking and head to your food pantry for your costume inspiration, the Morton Salt girl. All you need is an umbrella, yellow dress and white tights, and then just carry around the classic container.


Get the Look! Dress, $12.90; Umbrella, $14; Tights, $8.99; Salt, $0.89


3. Mary Poppins Costume DIY



Sometimes, your Halloween costume is already in your closet. It’s highly likely you already own a white button-up shirt, black skirt, black tights, an umbrella, and black shoes. Simply grab a bowler hat, add faux flowers, and a red bow tie to your outfit and transform into Mary Poppins seamlessly. This is even one of Lauren Conrad’s favorite cheap costume ideas.


Get the Look! Hat, $12; Flowers, $4.49; Bow Tie, $5.99; Umbrella, $14.95


4. Ice Cream Cone DIY Costume



Calling all the crafty ladies! Grab a glass of wine, construction paper, popsicle sticks, and paints for this DIY halloween costume. Simply paint multi-colored popsicle sticks for sprinkles, make a paper cone hat, and attach the sprinkles to an all-white look, like this tulle skirt and top option to transform into an ice cream treat.


Get the Look! Tulle Skirt, $23.99; Popsicle Sticks, $4; Paper, $0.79; Paint, $3


5. Space Girl Costume



Be the center of the universe this Halloween with a galactic space costume! Grab a galaxy printed top, then paint and attach a solar system craft set—and if your mom is a bit of a hoarder like mine, she may still have your fourth grade solar system science project just begging to be reused for this cheap costume idea.


Get the Look! Galaxy Top, $11.99; Solar System Set, $15


6. It’s Raining Men Costume



Hallelujah! It’s raining men, almost literally. If you’re in a last-minute costume pinch just grab your umbrella and head to a printer to create some headshot cutouts of your celebrity crushes. Attach their gorgeous faces to your umbrella via fishing wire and it’s now raining men! Add rain boots and a trench coat to emphasize the rain effect, and you’ve pulled off one of the best halloween costumes at your party with practically no effort.


Get the Look! Rain Boots, $39.99; Umbrella, $14; Invisible Wire, $1.99


7. ‘GLOW’ Costume


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If you haven’t already watched the Netflix show GLOW yet, you really need to. It’s funny, celebrates a diverse group of women wrestlers, and has some pretty awesome costumes. We love this take on Alison Brie’s character Zoya the Destroya. All you need for this cheap costume idea is a red bodysuit, black belt, a fur hat, and combat boots! Bonus points for staying in character all night.


Get the Look! Bodysuit, $16.99; Belt, $7.50; Boots, $34.90; Hat, $12.99


8. Paper Doll Costume



This idea is the queen of last-minute Halloween costumes! For the girl who wasn’t planning on going out but now needs a costume for a party STAT, head to the craft store to make this paper doll costume that looks like it took way more thought. Draw a dress, purse, and bow with folding tabs on poster board with marker. Cut the pieces out and attach the bow to a headband, the purse to your own bag, and staple elastic straps to the dress so you can wear it.


Get the Look! Poster Board, $0.49; Elastic, $2.69; Marker, $4.39


9. DIY Cotton Candy Costume



This sweet treat costume is easier than you think! The materials are polyester fiberfill, spray paint, a hot glue gun, and paper! Grab an old shift dress you no longer wear and hot glue polyester fiberfill all over, then spray paint the fabric fluff to your desired cotton candy color. Repeat this process on a headband, then create a large cone with construction paper for the topper!


Get the Look! Polyester Fiberfill, $7.95; Hot Glue Gun, $11.49; Spray Paint, $6.40; Paper, $3.33


10. Holly Golightly Costume


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This costume is brought to you by yours truly. I love Breakfast at Tiffany’s but, instead of the standard black dress and pearls, I took inspiration for my look from Holly Golightly’s sleeping attire. I used blue felt and fabric trim for the eye mask, then embroidery thread for the tassel earrings. Throw on a large men’s tuxedo shirt so it hits at tunic length and you’re all set. If the costume is good enough for Reese Witherspoon in Big Little Lies, it’s good enough for us.


Get the Look! Felt, $0.40; Fabric Trim, $2.99; Embroidery Thread, $1.79; Tuxedo Shirt, $14.99


11. Troll Costume DIY



So simple, cheap, and hilarious. Grab a nude bodysuit, a can of hairspray, and temporary hair color for this costume. Spray and tease to your heart’s content to get that hair straight up, add some temporary hair color, and don’t forget a coordinating gem stone belly button!


Get the Look! Bodysuit, $10; Temporary Hair Color, $6.09; Gemstone, $7.25


12. Selena Costume



Selena Quintanilla was a sensational singer and major fashion icon gone too soon. Kim Kardashian West and Demi Lovato have both dressed up as her for Halloween, and now it’s your turn. Selena was known for wearing bra tops, and we love this take on one of her iconic looks that can be made with items you already own. Bedazzle a black bra then throw on high-waist leggings, a big western belt, hoop earrings, and of course, her signature red lipstick.


Get the Look! Rhinestones, $3.95; Belt, $11.99; Hoop Earrings, $7.99; Lipstick, $3


13. Pinocchio Costume



Love a good makeover? Halloween makeup can create witchcraft-level magic when it comes to transforming your face, and this Pinocchio tutorial is so cheap and easy. The major key is using a brown brow pencil to mimic wood grain. Add items you may already own like a straw hat, button up shirt, red bottoms, and purchase a blue bow tie and suspenders to complete your Pinocchio costume!


Get the Look! Brow Pencil, $2; Bow Tie & Suspenders, $8.99


14. Frosé Costume



Paying homage to your favorite summer drink, this frosé costume tutorial could not get any cheaper or easier. The required supplies are a clear shower curtain, paper towel roll, pink paper, hot glue gun, and paint. A pouch or glass of frosé isn’t included, but we strongly recommend!


Get the Look! Shower Curtain, $2.99; Paint, $2.49; Paper, $3.47


15. DIY Deviled Egg Costume


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Punny costumes are both clever and incredibly easy to do! For this DIY Halloween costume take a white top or dress and attach a yellow paper circle, then add a red cardigan, cape, or robe and devil horns. Even those of you with an egg allergy can enjoy this cheap costume idea.


Get the Look! Paper, $3.05; Robe, $14.99; Horns, $5