15 Tattoo Placements For Your Next Work Of Art

by Maggie Dickman

15 Tattoo Placements For Your Next Work Of Art

Getting a permanent piece of artwork is serious business, and sometimes picking a location for your tattoo can be even harder than picking a design. We have 15 tattoo placement ideas that you’ll want to check out now before you get inked.





If you’re looking for a tattoo design that is both unique and easy to hide, consider a one-of-a-kind shin spot. It’s easy to cover if needed, but it also happens to be the perfect spot to show off your fave quote or art when the warm weather approaches. Like kikachatterjee‘s lyric tattoo, you’ll be singing with joy for this fabulous location.





The collarbone is a dainty location for anyone looking for something ultra feminine and romantic. Like smiler2000‘s tattoo proves, the straight line is an ideal spot for showing off typographic art that has stolen your heart.





Ear tattoos are the ultimate permanent accessory—just think, you may never have to wear earrings again! As inspired by tattoo_leah‘s design, you’ll always have music running through your ears with a dainty little piece of artwork like this.





Finger tattoos are for the daring ladies who aren’t afraid for their new artwork to be seen by everyone they meet. evantattoo proves that a dainty design can be a charming accessory to add to your favorite set of dainty rings—and we’re totally swooning over it.





Foot tattoos are not uncommon by any means, and a_okayphoto seemingly proves that your feet are the perfect place for your next work of art—especially when it’s showing your love for travel and the places your feet have taken you along the way. If you’re an adventurous spirit, this is the tattoo placement for you.


Back Of Leg



As nichole_adriana proves, back of the leg tattoos are one of the most unique placements for making your favorite new piece of art a focal point. It’s another spot that can be hidden if you want it to be, or perfect for flaunting with your casual cool go-to outfit for spring.





Helix tattoos are the coolest replacement to the cartilage piercing, and we’re all about it. Instagram-user punctuur chose this gorgeous wrapped design, and it has us wanting to sign up for our helix tat ASAP.





Hip tattoos are one of the most intimate designs you can get. Perfectly hidden, they are only seen when you’d like them to be seen (plus, they’ve taken Instagram by storm.) We happen to love floral designs like this one on aimeeheartsdiamonds. *swoon*





The inner-arm location is a prime slate for the most intricate of artwork, as archive.photos‘ design proves. Show your artistic muscle with a tattoo that’s placed in a spot as daring as you are.





The outer-arm location is for the lady who likes to show off her art for all to see. As chickasaw.ink‘s post proves, it’s the perfect spot for debuting your favorite things. Yes, Darth Vader included!





It might be one of the more painful spots, but the rib is the perfect placement for the artwork that has a special meaning to you. It’s visible only when you want it to be, and close to your heart, literally.





Shoulder tattoos are meant for the lady who likes to be a little daring, and as evou_blue_elephant proves, it’s the perfect placement for any intricate design—and the ideal start for growing your artwork into a more expansive sleeve.





Instagrammers are bending over backwards for these killer spine tattoos. Though we can’t promise that they aren’t painless (since it’s right on a bone, it’s probably going to be pretty painful), we can say that ladies like steakndchicks are evidence that it’s totally beautiful.





Yeah, underboob tattoos are having a moment. This Instagram post from studio13andreas shows us that this location is ultra gorgeous for the most intricate of artwork.





Wrist tattoos are the dainty accessory you didn’t know you needed until now. As thirdculture_co proves, it doesn’t have to be anything big to make it special. Dress it up or dress it down—you’re totally set with this permanent accessory.