15 Wes Anderson-Inspired Halloween Costumes That Will Make You the Life of the Party

by Alisha Humiston

15 Wes Anderson-Inspired Halloween Costumes That Will Make You the Life of the Party

Show off your quirky, fun personality by recreating one of these characters in Wes Anderson costumes. Any one (or combination) of these is guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser.


Ari and Uzi Costumes


wes anderson costumes from The Royal Tenenbaums


Release your inner wild child with this Ari and Uzi costume from The Royal Tenenbaums. Orange Juice Etc. shows you how to recreate this with ease, using a track suit and an afro wig. Works best as a couples Halloween costume, so grab a friend to come along!


Richie and Margot Tenenbaum Costumes


margot and richie wes anderson costumes from royal tenenbaums


Recreate The Royal Tenenbaums‘ most iconic couple. Basics for these Wes Anderson costumes include a fur coat and a barrette for Margot, and a sweatband, glasses, and tan suit jacket for Richie. Luckily, faux fur coats are back in style this fall, and so you should be able to find loads of options in your budget. We particularly love this faux fur coat from Forever 21, it looks perfect for Margot.


Steve Zissou Costume


steve zissou wes anderson costume


All aboard for team Zissou’s latest adventure. Orange Juice Etc. shows you how to become everyone’s favorite red-capped captain from The Life Aquatic without going overboard. You can transform into one of the most recognizable Wes Anderson costumes without needing too much: a blue buttoned shirt, a red beanie, and some black eyeliner for a faux tattoo.


Mendl’s Chocolatiers Costumes


grand budapest hotel wes anderson costumes


Sugar & Cloth pulls off these couple’s Wes Anderson costumes flawlessly. Become one of the best chocolatiers for the night by recreating this Grand Budapest Hotel-inspired look of Herr Mendl and Agatha. Bonus, you get to eat extra Halloween candy!


Darjeeling Limited Costumes


wes anderson costumes from the darjeeling limited


Say yes to this Darjeeling Limited-inspired costume. This business-suit based look is pretty easy—just add leis and gauze, and you’re ready for the night


Fantastic Mr. Fox Costume


fantastic mr. fox wes anderson costume


Look totally fantastic with this awesome fox costume. You can fly solo as Fantastic Mrs. Fox, or make it into an elaborate couple’s costume like this one from College Humor, showing your true love for Wes Anderson.


Max Fischer Costume


Rushmore wes anderson costume


Rushmore is calling. Lonny shows you how to get this unisex Max Fischer costume, incorporating the striped tie and signature red beret hat.


Suzy Bishop and Sam Shakusky Costumes


wes anderson costumes from moonrise kingdom


What kind of bird are you? These Moonrise Kingdom-inspired Wes Anderson costumes may take a little extra work—unless you have a coonskin cap and some scout patches in your closet—but they are totally worth the extra effort. Plus, you can make your own faux patches using masking tape and markers. Luckily, Etsy sellers have done some of the work for you and created an amazing replica of Suzy Bishop’s pink, Peter Pan-collar dress.


Zero Costume


zero grand budapest hotel wes anderson costume


Lose yourself in The Grand Budapest Hotel. Lonny recreates Zero’s innocent bell boy look with a modern spin, by featuring the “Lobby Boy” hat with a dark-colored ensemble. It’s time to pull all your navy items out of your closet! Can’t find a great hat replica? Fashion one with some felt and lettering.


Madame D Costume


wes anderson costume of madam d


No need to leave. This makes this Madame D from The Grand Budapest Hotel costume look easy. Get the look by DIY-ing an outfit from the thrift store and buying a wig, or just using a metric ton of dry shampoo for the white-haired look.