19 Christmas Gifts To Make And Give When You’re Broke

by Bethany Lozier

19 Christmas Gifts To Make And Give When You’re Broke

Finding yourself strapped for cash when you have a Christmas list as long as Santa’s beard? Sometimes the best gifts don’t even cost a dime (or maybe only cost a handful of dimes). If you need ideas for thoughtful, DIY or relatively inexpensive gifts, we’re coming in clutch.


A Personalized Mug For A Coffee Lover



You got a dollar, right? Spend your dolla dolla bill at your local dollar store, grab some permanent markers and get to doodling with this tutorial from Living Well Spending Less. You’ll have a gorgeous, personalized mug perfect for the caffeine addict in your life.


Homemade Bath Bombs For A Pampered Princess



Everyone needs spa every now and then (or every day). Good thing bath bombs make great Christmas gifts! Treat your favorite spa addict to a homemade bath bomb courtesy of A Beautiful Mess. You only need corn starch, food coloring, oil, baking soda, epsom salt, citric acid and water, essentials already in your kitchen cabinet!


Dip-Dyed Clipbboards For Your Friend Who Loves Lists



Some of us are more organized than others, or at least we like to pretend. If your friend goes through lists faster than you can blink, make them these plywood dip dyed clipboards from Better Homes And Gardens. You’ll need some plywood, some paint and two clothespins.


DIY Molded Soap For A Clean Freak



If your mom can’t stop stressing over the millions of germs sitting in her house, maybe it’s time to make her a super cute molded soap from the Martha Stewart. You can swipe one of your mom’s favorite baking molds or find one of your own at a flea market or a thrift store, plus the rest of the ingredients are all natural!


Sparkly Phone Cases For A Techy Fashionista



A glittery phone case is just the easy DIY gift your tech-obsessed friend needs—and you don’t have to shell out the cash to get one, unlike other Christmas gifts. This DIY from Design Sponge requires only a clear phone case, adhesive materials, paint brushes, and, of course, plentiful amounts of streamers and glitter.


Tassel Keychain For An Accessory Fiend



All fashionistas know tassels are all the rage this season (and all the time). For under $20, you can craft a real leather tassel keychain everyone will mistake for designer goods. Be sure to pick your bestie’s favorite color! Get the full tutorial.


Make An Emoji Clutch For Someone Who Uses Too Many



We all know someone who would rather speak in emojis than use real words. Maybe if you make her this cute emoji clutch from A Beautiful Mess, she’ll only use heart faces to express her love for you! Along with some basic sewing supplies, you’ll only need some vinyl fabric and a zipper to bring this face to life.


A Picture Perfect Calendar For A Friend Who Forgets Everything



If your closest confidante just can’t seem to get her sh*t together, grab some old magazines and newspapers to make her this unique picture calendar. Maybe this black and white aesthetic calendar from Emma’s Blog will inspire her to text you back.


Upcycle An Old Sweater For Your Sleep-Loving Friend



Who’s got an old sweater you never wear? Psh, we know you do, so try this inexpensive DIY from Brass Apple. With some sewing supplies, a pillow form, and your once-forgotten sweater, you can make the cutest throw pillow your insomniac friend has ever seen.


Make Marbleized Ornaments For Your Friend Who Freaking Loves Christmas



Some people seem they only live for the most wonderful time of year. Luckily for you, this means you can get them anything Christmas-themed and they’ll be more than satisfied. Try these marbleized ornaments from Alisa Burke with only some spray paint and some water.


Wrap Up A Flask For Your Best Drinking Partner



While flasks may be your drunk uncle’s forté, you can class one up with the right tools and accessories. Did we mention it’s super cheap, too? This tutorial from A Beautiful Mess requires a metal flask, a tiny amount of patterned oil cloth, glue and scissors. We’ll drink to that!


Craft A Wine Cork Coaster For Your Classy Wine Drinker



If you collect wine corks for no particular reason (guilty) put them to good use with these cute wine coasters. You’ll need about eight corks for each one, some cork matting, glue and some heavy objects to keep all your corks together. Cheers!


Paint Bricks Like Books For Your Precious Bookworm



If your friend has more books than they know what to do with, craft them a set of painted brick bookends that suspiciously look like books. Just be sure to warn them ahead of time so they don’t try to read them or anything…


Sew A Beanie For Your Friend Who’s Always Cold



For this upcycling DIY from Wellnesting, you’ll need another old sweater, a permanent marker, sewing supplies and an old hat for sizing purposes. Make sure to grab your friend’s hat so your creation fits their head nice and snug!


Try This Tote Bag For Your Friend Who Can’t Keep Her Shit Together



We all have a friend who struggles to find a single thing in her handbag. Make her daily struggles infinitely easier with this iron-on tote bag DIY from Alice and Lois. You’ll only need a canvas tote bag, some iron-on transfer sheets, a ribbon and sewing tools. Tote-ally awesome!


Woodn’t You Love To Make This Pencil Holder For Your Poetic Pal?



Storing pens and pencils is especially important to your friend who always writes. For this rustic DIY from Strawberry Chic, you’ll need a nice chunk of wood, a drill and some sand paper. If you’re going to do the chopping yourself, be sure your saw skills are up to date.


Sew A Laptop Sleeve For Your Friend Who Desperately Needs One



You know that friend who always throws his laptop around like a plastic flying disc? Yeah, we do too. Luckily, we also know how to make a custom laptop sleeve from Design Sponge. You’ll just need an old flannel, some lining fabric, a zipper and all of your trusty sewing goodies.


A Sweet And Salty Lip Scrub For Your Friend Who Can Do Both



You can make a sugar lip scrub any day of the week, so it’s time to make a salt lip scrub from Rogueimaginaire for your friend who can be especially salty. You’ll only need to get generic lip balm, some sugar, Vaseline, olive oil and some salt to exfoliate your friend’s pout. Don’t forget a container, too!


Make Hexagon Wall Art For Your Friend Who’s Extra Complicated



We’ve all got a friend who’s especially complex, so why not pay homage to her personality with some metallic hexagon wall art? This DIY from Tara Dennis requires some colored cardstock, a hexagon hole punch, a canvas, glue and some scissors. If you take advantage of those plentiful craft store coupons and pay attention to special sales, you can get all of these supplies for super cheap.