20 ’90s Fashion Trends That Won’t Make You Look Totally Dated

by Bethany Lozier

20 ’90s Fashion Trends That Won’t Make You Look Totally Dated

Whatever, we know the ’90s are long gone, but these fashion trends are here to stay. From crop tops to chunky platforms, we can’t say “as if” to these 20th century style staples.


An Ode To Classic ’90s Band Tees



OK, if you weren’t a Nirvana or a Hanson fan, talk to the hand! But if you were, you should totally rock this hilarious band tee that honors both iconic groups, just like Chiara Ferragni on Instagram. Think of all the heads you’ll turn!


Velvet Dresses Are So Vogue



Creative director of Same Swim Shea Marie’s velvet dress would make even Cher Horowitz green with envy (too bad it’s not made of satin). In true ’90s fashion, you can even layer a turtleneck or T-shirt under your dress to keep extra warm, or avoid a side boob situation.


Rock A Beanie Like It’s 1999



Nothing defined 1990s headwear quite the quintessential beanie. We love Sylvia Haghjoo of Hug-You’s cozy-looking cable beanie so much, we might wear it year round.


Sky High Platforms To Heaven



No decade loved platforms more than the ’90s, and hey, we still do, too. Yoyo Cao rocks these skyscraper stunners, though you may need a lesson or two before you start strutting your stuff in these puppies.


Chokers Are For Everyone



If you haven’t seen every millennial on the street rocking a choker by now, you’re officially hiding under a rock. Take this essential 1990s trend to the next level, and rock a thick black choker like Gizele Oliveira. You’ll look too cool for school.


Crop That



While we’d contest crop tops are timeless wardrobe pieces, sometimes trends don’t always stand the test of time. Luckily, Charlotte Russe’s styles make crop tops style staples, regardless of the decade.


Try An Oversized Denim Jacket (For Size)



Denim jackets are eternal fashion statement pieces, we know, but the oversized clothing trend is clearly lovingly borrowed from 1992(ish). Maria Helena Bordon Mereiles looks equally chic and edgy in her perfectly ill-fitting jean jacket, and you will, too.


The Higher The Jeans, The Higher The Fashion



These aren’t your mom’s jeans, we promise (kind of). While not everyone loves this look, Camille Charriere rocks these body-hugging denim dreams like nobody’s business. It’s a style that’s all that AND a bag of chips.


Slip Into This



Lingerie you can wear in public? Sign. Us. Up. Pernille Teisbaek pairs her rose gold slip dress with bedazzled sandals and a fab band tee, which our 1990s hearts totally approve of. Get one of your own like this Forever 21 style.


Doc Martens Never Go Out Of Style



Combat boots, specifically Doc Martens, are perhaps THE shoes of the grunge movement. Tkay Maidza shows us 1990s kids how to kick these black boots into the 21st century.


Birkenstocks, The Sandals For Every Season



Metallic shoes are such a ’90s trend already, but these irresistible Birkenstocks are making us run for our wallets. What other sandal can you wear with socks and be completely fashion forward? None.


The Return of Denim Overalls



OK, so you’ve probably not worn overalls since your toddler years, but maybe it’s time to invest in an adult pair. Whitney Port looks unapologetically chic in her denim set, and think of all the things you can store in those pockets!


Plaid Outerwear, Don’t Care



Plaid jacket are not for the faint of heart, even if your birth certificate is post 1990s. But, should you possess the necessary bravery, Blair Eadie‘s red plaid coat exudes sophistication AND the right amount of edge.


Freaking Out Over Flannels



If you don’t own 9,823,478 flannels in your closet already, you need to invest in a few pronto. Not only are these utilitarian ’90s shirts great for fall layering, they also make any outfit look pulled together. Look how cute Gabi Gregg looks in this comfy, casual ensemble!


Baby, You’re A Doll In That Dress



The 1990s reigned supreme as the era of everything mini, fitted and simply sophisticated. Channel your inner Cher Horowitz in this checked babydoll dress like Jessica Stein and show ’em how to party like it’s 1999.


Flatforms, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose



If platform shoes seem like a sure fire way to snap your ankles, you should try flatforms instead. These Teva sandals feature a slight heel, but they won’t send you flying back to 1992 with broken feet, we promise.


Layer Up



We all know layering is the key to any successful fall/winter outfit, but thanks to the ever-fashionable Cher Horowitz of Clueless, we also know outside layers give personality to any look. Victoria Justice for Who What Wear rocks this white and black layered shirt, and we have to get one just like hers ASAP.


You’re An Adidas Superstar



In case you need a gentle reminder just how Adidas Superstars rose to international fame, please refer to every single Run-D.M.C. video. The iconic sneakers are now finally back in style, so slip on these striped, chunky wonders like Jennifer of The Native Fox.


Yes, You Need Leather Pants



All right, not everybody likes to wear pants, we get it — especially if they’re made of leather. But one of potentially ill-fated 1990s trends has returned to us better than ever — plus the pair Olivia Palermo is wearing is roomier than your standard skinny jean.


Florals Forever



Floral prints are ubiquitous with the 1990s — please watch My So-Called Life and Buffy the Vampire Slayer if you’ve forgotten. If you don’t already have floral-printed dresses for the warmer seasons, Brandy Melville has several options to keep the flower power going on and on.