3 Ways to Wear Flannel

by admin

3 Ways to Wear Flannel

Growing up in the '90s, I learned to love and embrace flannel. In fact, it's a wardrobe staple for me, because you can throw it over anything for a cool, effortless vibe. Here are three ways I wear this iconic plaid. 


Photos: Sincerely, Truly Scrumptious

The first look can be classified as glam grunge. I paired a body-con dress with a high-low lace skirt to set a feminine foundation for this outfit. Then, I threw on a beanie and tied my flannel around my waist–a perfect contrast to the lace skirt. This look isn't for everyone, but it is how you make a statement.

The next look is a style I gravitate to a lot. A gorgeous cream, lace dress is a perfect blank slate for flannel. I leave the flannel top open like a cardigan. It's ideal for running errands or a casual date night.

The last look is what I would define as casual attire. I love mixing prints so the camo jeans and Vans were a match made in heaven. Throw on a comfy gray tee, a flannel, and a long necklace for a look that's chic and comfy at the same time. 

Whether you tie it around your waist, dress it up, or wear it casually, flannels are versatile and fun. Here are some of my favorites flannels at the moment.

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