4 Ways to Dress Up a Sweatshirt

by admin

4 Ways to Dress Up a Sweatshirt

Making a sweatshirt look glamorous seems to be the stuff of fairy tales. If you’ve been scoping out off-duty models and street-savvy fashionistas wondering how they do it, you’re not alone. We’ve put together this handy guide to help you figure out how to rock sweats in a sophisticated way.

I can think of nothing more comfortable to wear than a soft, cozy sweatshirt. Obviously, sweatshirts are not the type of thing that should be worn on all occasions, but you can get away with dressing them up every once in a while. With careful attention to detail, you can make the feel-good staple work for everything from the office to a date. And just to be clear, I am not talking about dressing up your "Team Building Exercise '03" sweatshirt with the lasagna stain. I am talking about a presentable, nice-fitting sweatshirt that nobody has previously seen you wear on a trip to the gym. Thankfully, you should have no problem finding something to fit the bill: Designers everywhere have started making sweatshirts in a variety of quality fabrics and chic designs. If you're wondering how to pull off this casually polished look, pay attention.

Stop fretting over the sub-zero temperatures in your office, and put the cardigan down. You actually can wear a sweatshirt to work, as long as it meets a few qualifications: It must be fitted, not intended for athletic ventures, and free of obnoxious logos. Once you've checked those off of your list, your only task is finding the appropriate pairing for your bottom half. Try a lightweight, printed sweatshirt together with some slim cropped pants and a contrasting heel. A little bit of lipstick will keep you from looking too relaxed.

Wearing sweats for a relaxing weekend isn't exactly a new concept, but this is probably the only time I'll recommend wearing them out in public. For chilly weekend mornings at the farmer's market or a windy walk through the park, try pairing a cozy sweatshirt with some equally comfy boyfriend jeans. Jazz it up a little with a pair of stylish leather flats and some trendy shades.

Who knows what other people are thinking when they plan a date? Not me. Are they dressing up? Should I dress up? What if I'm too dressed up? Ice-cold movie theater, or hot, crowded bar? Adding a sweatshirt to your outfit could actually do wonders here. You won't be too dressed up, but a pair of  heels and a statement necklace will keep you from looking frumpy.  A cropped sweatshirt will help keep you cool, and simultaneously save you from freezing. Just make sure you pair a cropped top with something high-waisted to keep your bellybutton from making an appearance. Oh, and if you're the one making plans, go ahead and give your date a dress code. Not everyone can be as effortlessly prepared as you, after all.

Sweats at the airport? I know, I'm a genius. But seriously: Sweats on a Plane could be the equally terrifying sequel to Snakes on a Plane. Unless of course, you heed my advice and put style before comfort. We don't want you to suffer unbearable pain to look good for a few hours of sitting, but we also don't want you to be mistaken as somebody's misplaced pile of dirty laundry. Try pairing a trendy black-and-white sweatshirt with some stretch jeans (see, we do care) and some chic, but practical, wedge sneakers. And of course, a totally badass carry-on bag, in case anybody was about to mistake your relaxation for weakness.