5 Athleisure-Inspired Tips to Take You from the Gym to Happy Hour

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5 Athleisure-Inspired Tips to Take You from the Gym to Happy Hour

Look anywhere from print magazines to Pinterest and you'll notice that the athleisure trend is not going away. We're not upset about it, because this trend is low-maintenance and comfortable. Here are five simple ways to take your gym look to happy hour.

There's not a lot that's better than wearing low-maintenance outfits that are also fashionable. Athleisure is continuing to gain popularity, which means our gym and play clothes are slowly starting to become one. Comfort is key with this trend, and a few updates on how to style your everyday outfits are all you need.

Rock Sneakers

Something Navy

1. Rock sneakers
Adding sneakers to your outfit can give you a look that's casual yet completely chic when heading to happy hour, not to mention that your feet will get a well-deserved break from heels. Color-coordinate your sneaks with your blouse or sweater to keep things looking cohesive.

To Vogue or Bust

To Vogue or Bust

2. Mix and match
Pairing leggings with a button-up shirt, a tweed coat, or a chunky sweater is an easy (and comfortable) way to embrace the athleisure trend this fall. To balance the sleek look of leggings, opt for oversized or chunkier tops when pairing the two together.

Show off your bra

Peace Love Shea

3. Show off your bra
A comfortable bra is a must-have in your closet, and the athleisure trend encourages a sneak peek of it. A bonus is that wearing an extra-comfy sports bra is the way to go—a simple way to look trendy without a lot of effort.

4. Embrace comfy fabrics

With the athleisure trend in full swing, many designers are making bottoms from comfortable fabrics. Ponte, stretch denim, and cotton blends can still look put-together, and they feel like a dream on your skin. Tip: These fabrics tend to stretch, so go down a size to make sure you're happy with the fit after wearing them a few times.


Carry an unstructured backpack

Sincerely Jules

5. Carry a sporty bag

 Less-structured bags can really amp up your casual, athleisure look. Go for an oversized tote or a bowler bag to achieve this. If you're really into the trend, take note that backpacks are becoming popular in mature fabrics like leather.